Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Statement of my politics (or lack thereof)

In response to many of Charlies recent videos, in which he seems to have some rather clear political stands, I felt the need to clearly set out my thoughts and intentions for the record.

Firstly, Charlie and I agreed to go our separate ways in November 2009 and met up for a final day in January 2010. Since then I have gone my own way and I am in no way endorse or agree with anything he says or has said especially with regards to terrorism, war, and revolution.

In fact, I never did endorse, agree or disagree with his words and ideas. We just created a practical partnership where we would meet at some place at some time with no plan and with just a megaphone (or two) in our hands and a camera. We filmed these escapades and then Charlie went to work editing them. He didn’t even check with me before he put them up on youtube. This is not a criticism but just a statement of fact.

I met Charlie on the 1st May at The Bank of England gathering. I had come for some fun – I never go to ‘protest’ at these gatherings – only to hold my sign ‘everything is ok’ in order to provoke smiles and thought. We hit it off and started filming together and Charlie would put the films up on his channel. At the time it never occurred to me that this may not be a very sensible way of doing things.
In July, things started to change as a result of his video ‘A message to the resistance.’ In it he called for ‘armed resistance.’ Whilst he has absolutely no army and no way of gathering one together to my knowledge, this was a complete departure from what I was doing. I made this clear in a video at the tie called 'Danny responds to message for the resistance'

So to make it clear, for the record this is where I stand.

I have very very little knowledge of most things. I have very little knowledge of politics, economics or law. I have never studied any of these subjects even at GCSE level. Therefore I don’t even have a position on these things. In fact the very idea of having a ‘position’ doesn’t fit well because it creates division. What I work towards is unity. Not unity of thoughts or ideas, but spiritual unity in terms of human connection. Unity in terms of our ability to see the human and the human soul in everyone I encounter, no matter their gender, creed, colour, age, status etc.

I do not call for revolution. I don’t understand the law well enough to call for something else. Yes – I have been on the ‘wrong side’ of the law and often felt humiliated and bullied and I am sure I am not the first one. And yes – I have in my videos exposed some of this. But it was not done in order to create some sort of revolution. Because if the law was to be abolished, what would we have in its place ? Lawlessness ? That could be a great deal worse. And what if the economy was shut down ? what would we have in its place ? Search me ! And how could we better the political situation ? Maybe I have a few ideas but I am no professor and I am aware of my utter ignorance.

When I started speaking on the streets 4 years ago, long before I met Charlie, my purpose was to have a great time, to entertain people, to get them to think a little more deeply, to connect deeply with other peoples humanity (and my own), to develop my own thoughts and to make people smile. This is a far cry from what Charlie is doing in my understanding. That does not make him wrong. Just very different. And I want to make it crystal clear, for the sake of the safety of my wife, children , extended family and myself, that I am on a very different path. I do not call anyone to any type of violent revolution (or even non violent) for many reasons. Firstly, I think that Love is the only answer in the end. Secondly, because who on earth am I to do such a thing ? Thirdly because I am so ignorant about so much and fourthly because even if I did, I have no idea what would come in its place and would it be better or worse ?

I hope this clarifies my position (or lack thereof) I welcome comments, especially if they make things even clearer.


AlexFate said...

It's good to see you still posting Danny. My initial thought is that for someone who understands so little it is amusing in how you seem sure about what you do not know ;-).To me your words read a little like a declaration, with reason but official. When you speak of your time with Charlie you did not use the word 'friend'. My belief is that you are both friends and that should be part of your 'statement of beliefs' too.
However it's never easy to reply in short sentences. I will take time to 'consider and reflect' before saying any more (my version of meditation).
Very good to know you are alive :-)

Richard Paul said...

i second the delight in seeing you post again. my initial 2 cents thought was regarding what you said about the human soul. why not go beyond that and try to connect with the soul of every living thing, maybe the grand force behind all life, the earth, the universe, etc.

wirrow said...

is someone scaring u into reiterating your neutrality so many times..? :/
i hope everything is ok and no authorities are taking advantages

Mark said...

Dear Danny, I was very much into the "everything is OK" videos on youtube because of you. You have a non-violent, non-threatening and non-invasive way of putting love and humor out there. It is my perspective that Charlie has a different (indeed not wrong, just different) way of doing things. His way does not resonate with me. But your way does/did. I noticed by watching the videos that things (not you) became a bit more agressive over time (to my taste anyway), and this is why I stopped enjoying them: too much politics and stuff. Your last video was then posted and I had a sigh of relief and smiled when I heard that you are going your own way, because I think I understand exactly what you are trying to say. To me the past enjoyment came thanks to your sense of humor and your love and appreciation for kind and honest people and things. I'm a bit sad that you left facebook, but I do understand why you chose that. I would very much like to ask if it is possible for me to have some form of contact with you. Is this possible? Maybe you could send me a message at mark [at] caffeine-powered [dot] net so I could send you an email back saying hello. I hope you can give this a chance, I don't ask anything other than email correspondence. I have no other way to reach you other than through this website. Hopefully I'll get your message. But regardless of how you might feel about my request, please remove this message after reading it. Thanks Danny, and keep shining the way you do. Mark.

Bryan said...

Danny, I just found out about the existence of you and Charlie about 6 days ago. Since that fateful evening, I have watched each and every video made for, by, or about you two. I have read each and every one of your blogs. I have even begun researching all of my own local ordinances and (with the help of my paralegal girlfriend) plan on doing my own megaphonic expressions soon...

...And all I want to tell you is that you, my friend, are a modern day hero. You have changed my life. You have changed my girlfriend's life. We have never been so inspired before, nor have we ever seen anyone so accurately and concisely demonstrate our inalienable rights as well as you have. And for that, I want you to know that you are a magnificent being to me.

I sincerely hope you are not being threatened by anyone, or that any other conspiratorial happenings are afoot. But somehow, I don't get that feeling. I think you have your reasons, and you have no obligation to explain them.

It was you, not Charlie, that initially got my head spinning about what can be done to wake up the sheep. And through seeking out videos that featured you, I was introduced to Charlie. I believe he will carry on in his own way, and he has my support too.

This is a lot longer than I thought it would be, but I just want you to know that you are a hero. Cheers!

Juka said...

I had about the same experiences as Bryan said, a lot of "WTF" moments, countless sleepless nights, the energy felt watching your videos (both D&C); especially the encounters with the police...

Anyway, I'm happy I've seen them, who didn't - well, they'll figure it all out soon.

BTW. I encourage you to update your blog more often!

Greetings from Croatia ;-)

danny shine said...

Hi everyone

Thanks for your beautiful comments. I will miss them all.

Mark - i dont knwo how to delete a comment - sorry !

Love and Hugs

Marchije said...

Yay! I'm glad to see your post, which I only found after watching Charlie's You Tube post about his "new beginning."

While I was disheartened to hear of your decision to no longer take part in the Love Police shenanigans, I completely understand why you decided it was time to move on. I too have found myself cringing a bit at the more aggressive stance Charlie seems to be taking. I like your honesty in what you don't claim to know or understand; I especially love your message of "don't believe anyone, even me"; Charlie however seems to be leaning towards "believe me; here's what we should do," and while he may or may not be correct in his assertions, that type of certitude worries me somewhat (and yet, admittedly, if you were to read my blog you'd probably find me making similar assertions!)

I am however curious why you had also taken down your videos on your own You Tube channel. I found your personal discussions and talks at Speakers Corner to be quite refreshing and thought provoking. Any chance you might share some of those videos with us again? 8-)

Dream said...

Dear Danny,

I just wanted to say thank you, and that I believe you achieved your original objective on YouTube (without your intent or foreknowledge) which you had set out to do 4 years ago, at least for me. You provided theatre for my soul, and I became part of an "event". I resonate deeply with your level of questioning, and although deeply saddened by the removal of the historical evidence I was privileged to witness (at a unique point in my life when I'd met my ego), I appreciate at this current juncture, disassociation feels necessary to you.

I wish you sincere good wishes in whatever direction your path takes you on. I often describe myself as "a Spiritual Being on a physical journey", and irrespective of whether that statement is true or not, I DO believe "everything is okay" (even when it doesn't feel like it is). If I may leave you with a line from Desiderata which I often find solace from "And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt, the universe is unfolding as it should". You played your role with perfection sir, flawless acting in this theatre from my seat, and should you enter other scenes it would be a pleasure to witness as I find no strong will to closely follow the play which Charlie appears to have joined. I'm not convinced there's even "an awakening" of any kind going on, let alone a revolution, but from my heart I was a part of something in 2009 that I will never forget as it aided in the evolution of the changing of my perspective, and I will be eternally grateful to both you and Charlie et al.

Safe, pleasant and peaceful journeys,

Kelsey said...


While I completely understand why you are doing this, I must say that I wish you didn't have to. You have made an impact, a huge impression, in my life; you individually, and collectively with Charlie and the Love Police. So, naturally, and quite selfishly, I wish you wouldn't stop!

You and he are basically two sides of the same coin, and that is why you worked so well in concert. But you're still working together, just as you and I are, and just as each of us is with all our fellow human beings.

Everything Is OK. Everything will continue to be OK. Peace, love, and serenity to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Danny, I understand how partnerships change as each member comes to understand the other with greater clarity, it's natural. Your collaboration made a deep and lasting impression upon the people who allowed themselves to hear the underlying message, a message that was in direct opposition to fear. I've been trying to think what that word is? The word that represents the opposite of "fear"? Is there a higher calling, today, than lowering fear? Your collaboration was a bit of sand in the eye to the enormously powerful and disengenuous fear-peddlers, who rule our mainstream reality. Do you have any idea how life-affirming that message is? Is it possible for the "series" to live on separately from Charlie's current work, maybe on a separate page wherein you can clearly state your separation, and your different approach, while maintaining the essence of what was truly special about your short partnership? I thought charlie's response to this was very classy, by the way, regardless of whatever differences that may have arisen. Thank you for your efforts and all the best to you, sir.

M.R.G. said...

amazing to see that i am not the only one who spent several nights on a video spree. Danny, you inspired me, like many others. I understand your videos like a search for cracks and weaknesses in the system.

Really great work, don´t loose the momentum, but do change your experiments, to keep showing interesting stuff.

Big hug all the way from Argentina!

tinker58 said...

Hi Danny
I only discovered the Love Police last year & you always brought a smile to my face! Lately I'd become confused by some of the facebook posts & not enjoyed the videos so much, I also wondered where you were! This week I was horrified by Charlie's video from Norway and said so. This made me 2 new FB friends!! I now understand why I dont see you and I am no longer a 'fan' of the Love Police. I was glad to be pointed this way today & to read your blog. I wish you well in the future & I hope we will see some of your smiling face before long!

Jonathan said...


I love you. Thank you for your gifts. I understand why you wish to leave. After "the message for the resistance" I believe many people were turned off to a degree. Charlie seems to have some resonant fear within him. But that is okay. Charlie is still growing and evolving, just as we all are. Much love for him as well.

It is indeed interesting to observe the political, social, psychological, and emotional climate of the world and how they interact... as they indeed reach into our intimate lives. But it is important that we are not driven by these unfortunate things. We should not be driven by our problems, but rather, we should be led by our truest visions and desires. And if we do this, then, all of these problems that charlie spoke of ... well... become irrelevant. All we have to do is decide what we want to be as individuals... no resistance necessary. We cannot fight our problems, we can only transcend them. On many different levels.

All I have is love for you. Your videos have sent ripples that have changed individuals and have already changed the world. Helping people back to the origin, helping people back to the truth that exists within us all. Thank you once again.

Much love from NYC.

Doctor said...


I have only found your videos these last few days and now I'm sad they are gone. However I am overjoyed that the footsteps you have left in my heart and the hearts of many others will be there for ever.

Love to you and your family


Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,


I discovered The Love Police in July 2009, watched every video Charlie posted and I think you guys are amazing... Thank You for work, hope that you continue your work and maybe see you in London someday, who knows.

Peace and RESPECT from Croatia

Anonymous said...

Danny I hope you continue to make videos. I find your way with people from all walks of life to be very warm, thought provoking and hopeful. Best wishes and much love,

Koen said...

To Danny: I know you think you don't have the knowledge about politics or economics that you think is for such great following, but as the story you told on the Real News Student Radio about the woman who was cut off from modern media; We need people who can think outside of this reality that has been created by us. And even without this political knowledge I think you can still give a lot of people in this world really valuable tips which can result in something positive.
I sincerely hope you will keep doing this without fear of harm. You are a person with a lot of life experience and knowledge and even tho we don't know you that well (just because we've only seen a few video's), we can still judge you by the way you communicate and your character. You shines a very positive light on this world, a light that is very much needed. I would have loved to work together with you. Good luck with everything I wish you and your family an enormous happy life

James Random said...

Armed resistance is what we need. But not armed with weapons. Armed with wits, knowledge, love, understanding and wisdom. The weapons we need are already at hand. As the song goes 'If you're thinking, you're winning.'

There will be revolution, but revolution of soul, mind and body. Fight with tools, friends.

Anonymous said...

There can b nothing more serious than what is happening to our society and freedoms today.

The idea, that you can have no opinion on political, or economic matters is entirly rediculous.

How many generations have fought and struggled for the right of free speech, free thought, the right to a just wage, union representaion, democratic representaion, a seperation between the powers of government, parliament and the judiciary? All this is being erroded, once gone it may never be recovered.

"THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Communists.

THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a Jew.

THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak up because I wasn't a trade unionist.

THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics,
and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

and by that time no one was left to speak up."

I believe you've been got to.

Anonymous said...

I understand both your and Charlie's point of when it comes to the subject of 'revolution'.

I've been balancing between both points of view for a while now. In the meanwhile I learned about the occult roots of New Age and how this Utopian Golden Dawn for humanity might be a means for the ones in control to justify the radical change they need for their new world order. It's a conspiracy. And it's a BIG one. And especially the 'new agers' are playing a major role in it.

I think we need change, but we should remain calm and change our own environments rather than radical massive change.

Charlie posted a video on it's website which is clearly dark occultism to me. It's quite clear for me what is going on... but not what will happen because it is all about deception and seeing through it. The deception goes deep... very deep...

Service sounds beautiful. But how about serving an ancient occult plan of Lucifer?

Unity sounds beautiful. But how about United Nations. That's your occult New World Order at work. Yes, we need a new kind of order.. but we don't need a radical change. We need to change ourselves first. And that change is about Love.

Thanks a lot for everything Danny.

Everything is OK.

Anonymous said...

In addition to my previous post.
This one is for you!



biene said...

Dear Danny

I was very sad when I heard that you would no longer work with Charlie and worried when you deleted your facebook account and your youtube channel. I hope your words "Thanks for your beautiful comments. I will miss them all." don't mean that you will also close this blog?

You are a great source of inspiration to so many people, please don't disappear completely. Will you still speak at speaker's corner? I was hoping that I could see you there someday.

I really hope you and your familiy are well! All the best and lots of love from Switzerland, biene

sheeplecorporation said...

Danny it's really good to see you posting your position on things. As a family man myself i can relate fully to the things you have said in your post. I will miss most, your personal vlogs on your channel where your small vlogs where thought provoking and entertaining to watch, such as the discussion on the use of language and the discussion that followed in the comments. I wish you much love and happiness in the world Danny and hope one day we will see the return of the SpiritualEntertainer :)

MetaBaron said...

Mr Danny Shine, you are a saint and I love you and what you've been doing.

I haven't really bothered to check what Charlie is up to, and certainly a man with a megaphone and a youtube channel is no serious threat to the establishment. Of course if you don't resonate with the radical direction Charlie is taking, it's your call, but why, oh why pull down all those beautiful videos? What/who does that serve?

It sounds to me from reading your post that you've been given The Fear by somebody, maybe a threat. I understand you've got a family to think about, but PLEASE PLEASE put those EVERYTHING IS OK videos back up... they will not get you for those! They really have more serious stuff to worry about!


You're OK, Charlie is OK.
Everything is A-OK.


Emma Five said...

Danny recently had the pleasure of a polite visit from domestic intelligence,and was told (over tea and scones) that he's no doubt aware that they have a file on, and are following the activitys of his mate Charlie with great interest. As the tea and scones came to an end (and as the echo og bell from a nearby 12th century church rang in dull ominous tones),Danny was told politely (but sufficiently firmly) that he would do well to publically disassociate himself from Charlie,considering Charles is now being viewed as a potential threat to social order and domestic stability (or is that my grannie?). Anyway,it's an exciting idea and could be a best selling book in Waterstones :D

Forkin said...

Too right Danny! Fighting for peace is like f*#king for virginity, your approach using love instead of hate (even when directed at those you dislike) is the ultimate way to go. As the great comedian Bill Hicks put it, it's just a choice between fear and love, no job, no savings of money, just a choice ;). And those we are in disagreement with, who continually perpetuate fear onto our collective consciousness through the mainstream media are the most guilty of living in fear and hatred, this can be seen in the endless wars and ludicrous anti "terror" campaigns, not to mention the "swine flu" and "bird flu" scares. All orchestrated to keep us in fear and them in power, and also in the need to protect their establishments, industries, and profits. They have the most to lose from an awakened thinking population. Fear is the mind killer, love is the answer.

I guess the ultimate realization is to realize that we are all each other, including the corporate and political elite, we are all a part of the unified whole. And this realization is what lead to the creation of an organisation known as the "Zeitgeist Movement". Zeitgeist is German for spirit of the age, and movement simply implies change. The Zeitgeist Movement was created by 31 year old from New York known as Peter Joseph, he is nothing more then a disgruntled musician who has also had enough of the current system and it's perpetuation of fear, greed, corruption, and corporate crime.

Who is Peter Joseph: http://vimeo.com/9471418

The Zeitgeist Movement http://www.thezeitgeistmovement.com/ is essentially the activist arm of the Venus Project, which calls for the straight forward redesign of our culture, in which the age-old inadequacies of war, poverty, hunger, debt, environmental degradation and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but totally unacceptable. And where all the Earths resources are declared the natural heritage of all the Earths people


I am a young male from a small country in the South Pacific known as New Zealand, and it just so happens that you are very popular with New Zealanders who are a part of the Zeitgeist Movement and beyond, we've even witnessed the formation of New Zealand love police getting out there with megaphones doing similar things, as we too realize that love and unity are the ultimate answers to all of the worlds problems, we must celebrate our uniqueness but also realize that we are all one species on one planet. As Eric Fromm put it: "Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence."

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality".
-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

And from the Zeitgeist movement creator Peter Joseph:

"Once we understand that the integrity of our personal existences are completely dependent on the integrity of everything else in our world, we have truly understood the meaning of unconditional love. For love is extensionality, and seeing everything as you, and you as everything, can have no conditionalities. For, in fact, we are all everything, at once."

Shine on Danny Shine! Peace and love to you bro :)

Dart said...

Hi Danny,

Good to see you're ok. I'm not someone who usually posts his opinion on the web, but I wanted to tell you that your videos really struck a chord with me.

I found them through the Cveitch channel, but noticed that you both had very different styles. I can't agree with the way Charlie is going - heading down the David Icke fairytale/armed revolution path it seems.

But your videos used humour and warmth to get through to people, and in a way that I could never do. It's an admirable job you've done, and it's just a shame that no-one else will get to see your work.

"Everything is ok"..... learning that this is the case could help so many people. Don't give up now.

markus dixon said...

Danny- it takes an enormous amount of courage to put yourself out there and engage your community, and society in general, in a positive way. You have united people with your ideas [both in person and in the 'infosphere' of cyberspace].

I'm sorry to hear about your vocal health issue, and sincerely hope that all turns out well with that in the end.

In reality, the most important thing a person can do is challenge themselves, learn about the world, and find some way to make a positive difference. In other words... to connect deeply, as you stated.

I don't personally know you, but as a result of witnessing your thoughts and ideas in action, I do feel a connection [a deep one at that].

Best wishes, warm regards, and a big hug!

Farooq said...


did you stop your megaphone career? I understand you and Charlie don't work together but what are you going to do now? Watching your clips was the funniest thing in world! All my friends know about you, you're DA MAN here.
Get out of your nutshell and show us some megaphone action please :)

arlenes said...

Danny I understand as much as I can from my perspective. We are not in your shoes. I can understand that it is important for you to focus on your family. I would do the very same. Just being who you are is the most important thing you can do. I enjoyed the videos but maybe it all happened to fast as well. I think that there is enough people in the collective consciousness that have seen these videos to warrant some sort of inspiration that may or may not lead to action. My favourite was the one where you taught a child visualisation. I do that with kids now. Love to you and yours, bless.

Ole said...


I think we (you and me) can agree that change is necessary? That our current society is creating so many problems (death, destruction, famine, poverty, the environment, etc) that it's necessary to evolve past it?

That doesn't have to be a revolution. It can be a gradual progression as a result of spreading awareness.

I believe that the current society would have to change if more people simply became aware of how flawed it is.

I have discovered an alternative to our current society which is sustainable and in my opinion, a lot better than our current society. If you want to read more about it, search for "The Venus Project".

Danny, if you read this, it would be great if you could send me an e-mail at sauerruler@gmail.com and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have, or just discuss it with you.

Peace, Love & Unity!

- Ole Sebastian

Xandrani said...

It seems your wife has had a conversation with you telling you that you need to distance yourself from your activism, because she has said something like "What if you lose your job?", or "What if you end up in prison? How would me and the kids cope?".

I totally respect that if that's the case, of course your wife and children come first.

However it does seem that you are panicking and anxious about losing your job or going to prison etc. I don't blame you, we can't all sacrifice our lives.

Nelson Mandela's marriage failed, and his activism probably didn't help.

I've always thought that the main reason for our troubles in society over a police state etc, is that people don't question the system when they are pacified by 'nice lives'. You don't want to sacrifice you nice middle class family life to change the system. And I am the same as you! The comfort blanket is so soft that most of us will never escape it.

On another note, I have checked out all Charlie's videos (and yours) in the last 48 hours, and I only found Charlie's violent revolution video today. I have tried telling him not to resort to hatred, ego or celebrity but I guess it's too late for him.

This message isn't to criticise you, but to highlight the apathy of people brought about by comfortable materialistic middle class lives.

I think one solution is for us all to do a little bit in groups, but try and work out the maximum outcome with the minimum damage to ourselves, rather than let our egos get drawn in to being rebellious for the sake of being rebellious.

Much love to you Danny... and as you said in one post, people and myself included don't know the real you, but even the small spark I've seen of you appears loving, great and humble... your faults are always welcome with me as I don't want you to have a false self.

Hugs :)