Friday, July 06, 2012

Glasgow Central

I was standing in Glasgow Central Station with the 'everything is ok' sign and someone came up to me and expressed gratitude for what I was doing having seen some videos. He subsequently wrote me a message saying how it had cheered up his otherwise 'hellish' morning. I thought I would query what he meant by hellish. This was his response. I like the typos - who decides what is correct SPELLing anyway ?...... Danny by "hellish" i simply mean the state of the collective mind in Glasgow. ive worked with many "class" of people in my life, made money then feel of the ladder, i try not to judge people by their money or apparent position in the system, but often it feels like the people who have made the most, have the most to loose. language is powerful and symbols the root of that perhaps, we pick up on body language in the city, what is says to me is deeply depressing. the psychological symphony in action, mental dissonance defined by laws and meaningless moral constructs to be resolved by , and only by consonance you have no control over. the complete lack of self, or even power. if that electricity went of hell would break out, then who is the real man on earth ?. ive worked out on paper everything i know and it all adds up to paradise being taken from me by a violent man/men, we think we are clever but when i look at a wild gorilla on film i feel we are very poor. thanks for the question Danny, sorry i cant expound in a more profound way like your son !, your sons comment of "you are powerless" was one of the best bits of film i have seen in recent years. i was recently asked by a 5 year old girl, "why do i have a girlfriend". I told her "because i love her" luckily shes not quite developed all the philosophical "ideas" about "love" yet haha. Cheers Danny, i really think your work is important, i hope its a good journey, you are an inspiration and beacon.