Monday, April 04, 2011

The Bike Incident

Now where on earth do I begin ? Do I even begin ?

Firstly, my intuition tells me that defending myself is not the best idea for reasons obvious to some.

This short film has obviously stirred up a hornets nest and there are so many angles from which to look. There's the psychological angle - mine,the PCs and the commentators, the legal angle, spiritual angle (related to 'freedom') and philosophical angle and probably many others

Before I begin, I actually want to apologise to PC Stout. At first, I gave the film to a film editor I know to blank out his face and number but I then allowed myself to be persuaded to put it up with him on it. I do regret that now. Although in a way, I think I embarrass myself as much as he embarrasses himself.

The psychological

I had a great co-counselling session with a friend on Friday and his observation was along the transactional analysis model. He said it was a classic case of PC Stout being the critical parent and myself the rebellious child. This mean that neither of us were free but stuck in our roles. I apologise therefore for being difficult. I dont apologise for answering questions, even difficult ones, but my tone was not loving and compassionate and for that I apologise. I do agree with the comments who say he was just doing his job. The problem is, what exactly is his job and how has he been trained to do it ?

The Law

One of the primary motives for putting up the film was to help us all question our understanding of the law, what it is, how it operates and how it is being 'policed' This is how one commentator put it...

The police and their civillian colleagues believe in a primary school style law.

They are the teachers and you are the pupil.

But once you are a big boy, with your big boy pants on, you're an adult.

Teachers can't tell adults what to do, only ask.

This school style law is optional, but works well on the consenting.

This world is full of every type, some love to be dominated and punished.

They have every right to love it and every right to defend it.

Dan has his big boy pants on, thats all.

The opening gambit of PC Stout which is of course common, was 'Do you know why I have stopped you ?' For me, the problem with that question is that (a) it is designed to trap me into self incrimination. It is also very condescending - surely one would never speak like that to a friend or an equal. It sets up this conversation whereby I am the naughty boy and he is the grown up telling me off.

I then tell him my lawyer advises me to be silent. If I were more skilled, I could have simply shut up at that point. I think that would have been powerful.

He then keeps on asking self incriminating questions like 'Why shouldn't I give you a ticket ?' etc

I ask if I am obliged to answer that. I then make a crucial point which I only learned very recently. I do not have to take the paperwork. I never have to accept anything from them. He doesn't know this which is why he answers 'of course you do' to my question.

I then quiz him about getting my details. He doesn't seem to really know the law about this and I quiz him more. I did not decline to give my details. i just kept on asking questions. Remember , the whole clip is only 4.5 mins long !! He often avoids answering my questions and again quite typically keeps on repeating his. He then changes the whole thing to a 'request' which is quite clever because anyone can request anything they like from anyone else. I could have requested he takes his clothes off if I wanted to ! I am aware of that trick so I ask if its a request or an order.

Eventually he gets so angry he lunges for the camera and I intuitively leave the scene in fear of my cameras health and my own. Had he not done that, I would have supplied my details and left him to put this through the system. To the best of my knowledge, he would have found it hard to nail me because it was his word against mine which is not enough to prove anything. Or maybe he would have and I would have had to pay a fine.

This leads me to the precautionary principle. And to the psychology of some of the vicious comments.

Firstly, here is a comment from someone...

The PP (which fits into the Hegelian Dialectic) has been so drummed into everyone's brains we don't even notice.


The PP says that Danny should be locked up anyway for *nearly* causing mass murder with his cycling terror and subsequent OJ style evasion of justice. Yet no mention of the ACTUAL mass murder and justice evasion happening right now all over the real world!!

Real atrocities are downplayed while threats of terror are overblown.

I would like to ask any of the commentators who said things like 'I hope he gets killed on the road !' or other crazy and nasty things....

have you ever....

(a) driven whilst on a mobile ?
(b) TEXTED whilst driving ?
(c) been through a red light driving ON PURPOSE

Surely, these things are far more dangerous than going through a red light on a bike (in my case allegedly) - I wonder why you are so angry ? could it be projected anger when you know yhou do things far worse ?

And do any of you eat meat ? If so, i could argue that you are party to the killing of billions of animals, often living in terrible conditions and you the audacity to judge me for going ALLEGEDLY running a red light when nobody is claiming I have harmed a living soul ?

And if you people out there are such fans of the law and its being upheld, how about this (this applies especially to police officers)

take a look at this government webpage

Print it out and read it on the toilet (then wipe your backside with it) but before you do, read it carefully especially the definition of terrorism. You will see that the British army's actions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya seem clearly to fall under the Uk Governments own definition of terrorism. In this case, if any of you pay tax or know anybody else who does, and you havent reported them to the police, you are committing an offense (see part III terrorism propert - duty of disclosure)
Now compare the actual killing and maiming of thousands perhaps millions of people with the POTENTIAL hurting of another with a bike running a red light ! See what you are missing folks ! Its all so very clever.

The Spiritual

This to me is a big one - all words are just pointers. To me this points to many things and nothing including freedom. We seem to be losing our freedoms and being set upon by a police FORCE. Why is it called a force ? As I begun to rock the boat a bit, I noticed that many police officers were no longer acting as peace officers but instead seemed to be acting against me. As mentioned bove, it is very common for Police officers to talk down to us like naughty school children. This is part of a whole culture of bullying. (see


Saturday, April 02, 2011

Police Bike Video - responses

Because youtube only allow a few words in the comments section, I thought I would create a page here with some of the messages i have received, many of them supportive and deep, sensitive and highly intelligent.
I start off with a couple of the typical angry ones comments...

Danny you are clearly the sort of prick who gets off on acting like a small child who knows he's done wrong. Your behavior here is appalling and you come across as an irritating tool. The cop is sadly unable to keep his cool but your rantings would have been enough to have to push anyone over the edge. I can imagine one day you will get smart with the wrong person and end up battered in a ditch. Good luck.


Anyone that thinks this cyclist is a douchebag is a copper? No, many of us watch cyclists act like idiots all the time, and just hate pushy ones that think they can break the law (run a red light) and not have to deal with the consequences of breaking that law. Simply put, this cyclist proved to EVERYONE how much of a douchebag he is as both a rider and a human being.


Danny, I suspect the harsh judgements against you have a lot to do with a completely DIFFERENT kind of law you are breaking. That of male/ patriarchal socialized behaviour.

You are actually challenging the very patriarchal basis of society - of civilization - as perfectly represented by the policeman!

You are doing this by opening *yourself* to more 'feminine' traits such as communication, negotiation, compromise, reconciliation, common sense, compassion/ empathy, fluidity, passion...

I think a lot of the attacks are from men who feel threatened by the idea of embracing such 'feminine' (actually just balanced) values, so they defend/ justify patriarchy by regurgitating their indoctrination.

One comment connects Danny's attitude/ philosophy with 'murder' and 'the release of rapists' (Freud would love this!). On this bloke's channel are videos of himself driving recklessly through the countryside in a penis - I mean in a sports car!

It seems those who are still stuck in this patriarchal mindset are getting v. defensive about this HUGE shift towards a more expansive consciousness where female energy is more elevated again (ie balanced) and male energy is less dominant (again, balanced).

Their reaction can be seen in these comments and in the police state/ NWO etc all of which labels anyone who is widening their world view as criminals, anti social, terrorists etc

people need to let go :)



As I mentioned in the comment section, I have been in a terrible traffic-accident with my child, and I am disabled because of it.
My leg may cure for 90-95 % but that will take years.
My child (8 at that time) had 'only' a bump on his head, but he was very moved by everything.

This has given me a different perspective on many things in our current society.
The woman that hit us, had to stop.
She made a terrible mistake and hit the gaspedal instead of the break, and she hit us so hard we landed 25 m further.

I have done a lot of soulsearching on everything.
The one thing that is crystal clear to me, is what I mentioned in my reactions:
Our society is like a pressure-cooker.
This woman made a mistake, she did not commit a crime, but was treated as a criminal.

Your video has given me a lot of stuff to feel and think about.
It helps me to let go.

And yes, I was a bit confused you would be able to run a red light, and then not look at your own choice to do so.
You left out that part.
Now you have mentioned not remembering the red light in your second video, it all becomes more clear and human.
I can relate to that:
I have crossed streets and discovered a few times:
oh sh*t, that was a red light.

In my opinion, that is the stress-vibe of traffic and our sick system that forces people to suppress so much, it makes peoples awareness woolly.

I think that you touch a very sensitive topic with your video.
I am not superwoman, so I am not able to have a perfectly clear vision in traffic all the time:
I am woolly sometimes.
I am stressed sometimes.

And I do my best to not let that get to a level where it gets dangerous, I rather walk when I am aware that I feel woolly.
But I am not 100% certain I will never cause an accident myself.

Most people would prefer that nobody can bring them in danger in traffic.
That is what you have touched:
That deep fear.
In the bashing I saw you and PC Stout getting punished for that terrible fear:
I have to participate in traffic, but I cannot rely on the choices others make.
And others don't trust me.
Many laws make criminals of people who make mistakes.
Nobody wants to be a criminal.
Nobody wants to make a mistake.

Forgiving and understanding is very rare in the public opinion, it does not get in the news when something like that happens.
Most people don't think it is possible.
They just want to defend their lives, and punish the ones that threaten that.

So you have touched a red button I think.

I hope you un-confuse very smoothly, and that you make a beautiful experience out of it.


Letters I receive

I thought it woud be useful to compile some of the messages I get of support for what I do. I may include the odd abusive one as well for the sake of balance. NOt decided on that one yet. I received this one on FB today. It is amongst hundreds I have received over the years of similar tone and content...

Dear Danny

I trundled upon you through your police camera action video. Firstly great video and its a shame that you feel threatened in such a way that you cant show the video any more.

Through that video for one reason or another i looked at your other videos. Especially the everything is ok stuff. I love them and the way that you get folk thinking.

I feel like i have snapped out of a long deep sleep. Something deep inside me has changed. My Ideas on Authority, life, why are we here, understanding.... have all changed in just a few days since i saw that police camera action video. Its not just that video but the Everything is ok thing that's got me asking questions...

Through your videos I've been introduced to Charlies stuff and find his videos inspiring. Also I've found the videos inspiring.

I cant sleep at night because i have lots of questions and cant find answers... your fault i must add :-)

Anyway I feel I owed it to you to tell you how much you have woken me and that i owe you a big man hug.

Best Regards,


Hi Danny,

I understand that you are busy, and please don't feel obligated to answer my message. I am not trying to stroke your ego, nor do I expect you to take this to heart, or guide me in any way, but I feel that I have to tell you something.

My name is Allister Douglas. I am a 20 year old, non-religious Canadian, and I am on a self-propelled journey to enlightenment, and happiness. I have a dark mind, I experience little emotion, and I have lived life fairly unhappily. Lately I've felt the need to change it.

I have learned a lot in the past year or so about a lot of things including myself, human life, ego, where we all stand in the big picture, and much more. I know I am young, but I have learned more in that year than ever before.

I have noticed that you pour a lot of emotion into your day, and it strikes me that you truly care about the people around you. I find this amazing because most men that I know are hard as stone and don't let emotion get to them ( including myself. ) I would like to say that I admire your sensitivity, as it is not the average sensitivity. Your sensitivity equals pure strength in my evaluation.

Besides your strengths, I have learned a lot from you by watching some of your videos. I have learned things that cannot be taught, nor can they be explained. I have not only learned by your words, but also your actions. Your personality has slightly shifted my way of seeing, and in my opinion it was in a positive direction.

I feel drawn to you probably because we share a lot of the same opinions that you express in your videos. There are many things I would like to ask you, but you don't strike me as the type of person that would push your opinion, or share your deep inner thoughts with a stranger, so I will continue on my journey as I am, and not limit myself to your image.

If I saw you in the street I would walk up to you and shake your hand politely and transfer all of my appreciation from my eyes to yours without words, and walk away, but since I will never meet you, I want to thank you now.

Thank you for being you, and teaching me unknowingly. Thank you for your intelligence, and inner beauty. Thank you for allowing me to detect beauty, thank you for your strength and bravery, thank you for pouring your heart out to happiness journeymen like myself, and thanks for reading my selfish expression.

Have a wonderful life Mr. 'Shine'. You are an inspiration.