Saturday, April 02, 2011

Police Bike Video - responses

Because youtube only allow a few words in the comments section, I thought I would create a page here with some of the messages i have received, many of them supportive and deep, sensitive and highly intelligent.
I start off with a couple of the typical angry ones comments...

Danny you are clearly the sort of prick who gets off on acting like a small child who knows he's done wrong. Your behavior here is appalling and you come across as an irritating tool. The cop is sadly unable to keep his cool but your rantings would have been enough to have to push anyone over the edge. I can imagine one day you will get smart with the wrong person and end up battered in a ditch. Good luck.


Anyone that thinks this cyclist is a douchebag is a copper? No, many of us watch cyclists act like idiots all the time, and just hate pushy ones that think they can break the law (run a red light) and not have to deal with the consequences of breaking that law. Simply put, this cyclist proved to EVERYONE how much of a douchebag he is as both a rider and a human being.


Danny, I suspect the harsh judgements against you have a lot to do with a completely DIFFERENT kind of law you are breaking. That of male/ patriarchal socialized behaviour.

You are actually challenging the very patriarchal basis of society - of civilization - as perfectly represented by the policeman!

You are doing this by opening *yourself* to more 'feminine' traits such as communication, negotiation, compromise, reconciliation, common sense, compassion/ empathy, fluidity, passion...

I think a lot of the attacks are from men who feel threatened by the idea of embracing such 'feminine' (actually just balanced) values, so they defend/ justify patriarchy by regurgitating their indoctrination.

One comment connects Danny's attitude/ philosophy with 'murder' and 'the release of rapists' (Freud would love this!). On this bloke's channel are videos of himself driving recklessly through the countryside in a penis - I mean in a sports car!

It seems those who are still stuck in this patriarchal mindset are getting v. defensive about this HUGE shift towards a more expansive consciousness where female energy is more elevated again (ie balanced) and male energy is less dominant (again, balanced).

Their reaction can be seen in these comments and in the police state/ NWO etc all of which labels anyone who is widening their world view as criminals, anti social, terrorists etc

people need to let go :)



As I mentioned in the comment section, I have been in a terrible traffic-accident with my child, and I am disabled because of it.
My leg may cure for 90-95 % but that will take years.
My child (8 at that time) had 'only' a bump on his head, but he was very moved by everything.

This has given me a different perspective on many things in our current society.
The woman that hit us, had to stop.
She made a terrible mistake and hit the gaspedal instead of the break, and she hit us so hard we landed 25 m further.

I have done a lot of soulsearching on everything.
The one thing that is crystal clear to me, is what I mentioned in my reactions:
Our society is like a pressure-cooker.
This woman made a mistake, she did not commit a crime, but was treated as a criminal.

Your video has given me a lot of stuff to feel and think about.
It helps me to let go.

And yes, I was a bit confused you would be able to run a red light, and then not look at your own choice to do so.
You left out that part.
Now you have mentioned not remembering the red light in your second video, it all becomes more clear and human.
I can relate to that:
I have crossed streets and discovered a few times:
oh sh*t, that was a red light.

In my opinion, that is the stress-vibe of traffic and our sick system that forces people to suppress so much, it makes peoples awareness woolly.

I think that you touch a very sensitive topic with your video.
I am not superwoman, so I am not able to have a perfectly clear vision in traffic all the time:
I am woolly sometimes.
I am stressed sometimes.

And I do my best to not let that get to a level where it gets dangerous, I rather walk when I am aware that I feel woolly.
But I am not 100% certain I will never cause an accident myself.

Most people would prefer that nobody can bring them in danger in traffic.
That is what you have touched:
That deep fear.
In the bashing I saw you and PC Stout getting punished for that terrible fear:
I have to participate in traffic, but I cannot rely on the choices others make.
And others don't trust me.
Many laws make criminals of people who make mistakes.
Nobody wants to be a criminal.
Nobody wants to make a mistake.

Forgiving and understanding is very rare in the public opinion, it does not get in the news when something like that happens.
Most people don't think it is possible.
They just want to defend their lives, and punish the ones that threaten that.

So you have touched a red button I think.

I hope you un-confuse very smoothly, and that you make a beautiful experience out of it.



shijuro said...


Now lets re-run this with me…

Me-’I saw you go through a red light. I propose to give you a fixed-penalty. Do you accept it?’

Danny-’No, I am not accepting any paperwork from you today.’

Me-’OK. The facts will be reported and you may be summoned for the offence of failing to stop at a red traffic light contrary to the Road Traffic Act. What is your name?’

Danny-’I don’t have to tell you my name…’

Me-’True. You are under arrest for failing to stop at a red light, failing to provide your name and address also to progress the case as soon as possible.’

Danny-’you cant do that.’

Me-(drawing CS) ‘Lets see those hands…’

The rest is me CS’ing Danny and handcuffing him.

We go to the station and, after a bit of a push and pull handbags type resist, he accepts the fixed pen and goes home upset, but wiser.

The next time you do it… You not behave like such a dick…

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why youtube won't let me login without gmail ?
without even notice me about, before ask it

shijuro said...

'why youtube won't let me login without gmail ?'

Your answer at 12.48 might give you a clue...

Stressed Out Cop said...


Personally I have found your videos very interesting and have been a lurker from the start and even featured them on my old blog.

Response - Reaction and automation of behaviour have made me examine my own interactions with the public ... and because of that I have much more patience.

Now one doesn't like to judge ... but this video I wish you would pull. You did the red light and no doubt would have received an educating word if your initial reaction had been open .. both participants then revert to automatic mode. You don't act well.

I don't want to get into legal claptrap but he could of arrested you as you committed a minor traffic offence and you refused name and address. End of. Also making off (fail to stop) is a criminal offence.

I know you are a good person with wisdom who never took the same confrontational path as Charlie - Keep it Human dude.

Stressed Out Cop said...


Danny is NOT a violent man so your CS comment is not really appropriate is it?

We all make mistakes .. especially in our job but we can all forgive too. Makes the world a better place :>)


Anonymous said...

danny didn't refuse to give his details, he just asked a lot of questions. personally, i think the police need to be more aware of the law. i was really shocked that pc stout tried to assault danny. it's really not acceptable. the policeman has a responsible job and the onus os on him to do it properly, not on danny to make it easy for him.

Shijuro said...

Stressed out cop...,

Well I suspect that 'Danny' would not come quietly ... He wouldn't accept a fp...

He would get one chance... Hands in cuffs, off to the pol stn...

Anonymous said...

'Your answer at 12.48 might give you a clue...'

it's not my answer

Anonymous said...

It's an interesting video. You get yourself on your high horse about police rights & the law, but I think you are seriously missing the point.

The point is about safety. Have you seen what happens to a cyclist when he/she gets hit from the side by another vehicle because you thought you could get across in time, and think somehow that being on a bike makes you invulnerable? I have. And well, let me give you a hint - the one encased in metal comes off better.

I'm a cyclist myself. Other cyclists look at me as if I were an idiot, but I would rather wait 20 secs at a red light than crash into something a lot, lot harder. A lesson I learnt the hard way.

So, this is not about patriachal systems, nor the police, nor whether or not you are (I am sorry to say) a complete twat. It is about following quite simple rules established with good reason from basic physics.

Ignore them at your peril.

Anonymous said...

Danny, you really are an absolute dick. What are you trying to prove? As an aspiring lawyer, I can only hope to God you never have to defend or accuse somebody in a court - your childish manner and blatant disregard of the law would be a travesty. You cunt.

Anonymous said...

Any law enforcement officer should be able to quote at least the Act that they consider an offence has been committed under, and preferably the Section. Though I must admit a PC has to remember quite a few more of those than I used to have to know as an EHO. Only having summary offences to report people for made the enforcement of some Environmental Protection legislation virtually impossible against an uncooperative offender like you Danny, does that make you happy? Powers of arrest might have been useful but summary exceution even better (I plead the Clarkson Defense OK?)

Anonymous said...


In my opinion, and this is all it is as I am not a "student of the law" myself, there were issues on both sides as you have said yourself.

Have you perhaps considered though that your problems with authority may be more deeply seated than this one incident?

It is my understanding and previous experience that when someone asks you why you shouldn't do something, it is more than likely that if you can give a reason as to your actions, no further action would have been taken.

It seems that the only logical reason for you to immediately leap to a defensive position is your obvious guilt and intention to jump the red light. As you have said, you cannot cause much damage on a push bike, but has it occurred to you that your actions may have directly caused a motor vehicle, or worse a larger goods vehicle to loose control and mount the kerb, thereby injuring pedestrians?

This may seem a little "what if", however I notice your comments about terrorism. As the British Army is officially recognised and controlled by the state, and is not an independent organisation, it is used by the government to enforce politically motivated decisions made by a diplomatically elected government. I'm sure you will agree that terrorism is a very hard act to define, although does that mean that we should not try? Should we just leave society to break down and have no consequences for actions? Indeed, you mention that jumping a red light is a minor crime and less dangerous than texting on a mobile phone. Does that mean that we should let people of for petty and minor crimes? Where do we draw the line? Burglary? Armed robbery? Speeding? Dangerous driving causing death? I understand that you have some issues, but if it were that easy to control society, then surely we would not have any crimes at all?

This has, as you have said, stirred up a hornets nest, with loosely connected arguments at best, on each side. In essence, the fact still remains that you were in the wrong. Was it a minor offence? Yes. Should you have been given a fixed penalty? No, just a warning. Should you have behaved the way you did? No.

The fact of the matter is, you broke the law and you were stopped by the police. The rest of the problems were caused by you and the matter could have been resolved with a little maturity and common decency to admit when you're in the wrong.

Don't blame every one else for your lack of courage to do the right thing.



cheryl said...

High five to Danny, at least some people are aware of the law ... ( and unfortunately not the ones in the nice yellow coloured vests ) just goes to show the "high" majority of the police force and people controlling our lives are an absolute joke! (Still gobsmacked this video had any negative comments) ... Denial is a wonderful thing!

cheryl said...
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cheryl said...
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cheryl said...

Re reading some of the comments, I really can't get over the fact that peoples main concern isn't that the police have absolutely no idea of the law, but also people are so unaware of their rights! Scary! Sorry guys but anyone of you that thinks this guy is an idiot, seriously needs to look/think outside the box now and again! So naeve.

Anonymous said...

Keep jumping the red lights son shine!

Anonymous said...

Has the bike video been removed from Youtube? Im sure I heard it on Radio 2 today.

Spanny said...
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Spanny said...

You DID hear the discussion on Radio 2 today.

The video has been removed,but in my opinion this was a wrong move by Danny.

The video is an EDUCATION to you lot in how to deal with repressive/opressive police actions these days.

Go and educate yourself on your rights!

Learn the difference between Legal and Lawful,ok? There is a MASSIVE difference and educating yourself gives YOU power.The kind of power Danny proved he had over that PC Stout guy,a human being in a costume is what he and all police are.They have no power over you and me,we are all the same.

Remember that the Police and the Government for that matter,are OUR servants,NOT the other way around.

Anonymous said...

As your attorney I advise you to re-upload the video to Youtube immediately. That is the only sane course of action.