Thursday, September 04, 2014

Sweet FA (Freedom Anonymous) weekly meetings.

So after a great deal of procrastination, I have taken the plunge and organised weekly meetings as part of 'The Project' which I have talked about in another post.

These meetings will be based around the 12 step program with some amendments.

For any of 'Bill's friends,' you will know that, 'service' is one of the tools of the program. I have been a little disappointed in the past as people don't seem to come forward in their droves to help although some have offered. I think the difficulty was that I didn't really know what they could do and neither did they.

With this new meeting, there will be plenty of things you can do if you are prepared to offer yourself to be of service to the group and ultimately to society at large.

Please email me at telling me how much time per week you have to offer and what  you would can do. For example, a Facebook page would be good and a simple website. A treasurer would be needed just to collect and manage the small change that we will collect at the meetings to cover room rental. Someone would need to volunteer to be secretary of the meeting. (That could be a joint position) Etc etc.

It is my intention to create the meeting and to attend most meetings and then let it develop through other peoples contribution. In particular it would be great if at least some of the members of Freedom Anonymous had/have experience in other 12 step programs.

The majority of the time at these meetings will be for exploration of our personal sense of freedom, but not just exploration for the purpose of naval glazing. The intention is to create a fellowship where we will be supporting each other to experience more freedom in our own experiences in life. Freedom from compulsive and controlling thoughts and behaviours.

The rest of the time at these meetings will be spent creating ideas for the political side of things with a view to fielding a candidate in the general election.

There will be many questions that arise just from this blog and from this idea. Questions don't all need to be answered and certainly not immediately. Some of them can also be answered by ourselves if we know how to sit and listen quietly to what I would call the voice of Love inside each of us. And other questions can just be there.

I have prepared some literature and a format for the meeting based on the 12 step program so if you would like to be part of this, you are most welcome.

I will include some of the literature on this blog until such a time as someone volunteers to create a simple website.

Nothing is set in stone with this fellowship including its very existence and name. After all it is called the 'freedom' fellowship.

Here is the preamble we will read at each meeting (until it is decided not to or to change this)

Proposed Preamble

Freedom Anonymous (Transonymous) is a fellowship of men and women who have a significant interest in freedom and therefore wish to free themselves of ANY controlling or compulsive behaviour and thinking.

We will adapt many aspects of the 12 step program as a proven system capable of profoundly freeing some of the most hopelessly trapped people.

The only requirement for membership is a desire for freedom in our lives and in the lives of others, particularly from compulsive thoughts and/or behaviours.


As I wrote in the preamble, it is more like transonymity which is a word I made up. What I mean by it, is that the fellowship will be founded on the idea that there is a way of being that is BEYOND our names and personality (ego) and it is that way that we are aiming for. It is not something that is to be kept a secret but we may well just use our first names or any other 'name' we wish to be known by. The point is that the name and personality is not what is important. Its the principles.


The meetings will take place in Hendon, North West London every Saturday between 11am and 12.30pm.

Anybody is welcome to set up a local meeting wherever you are in the world, however, it would be unlikely to work unless at least one member is familiar with the 12 step program.