Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Script of Video - The subliminal messages behind the Chris Huhne Affair

Before I made this video, I was thinking about whether it is useful to even talk about this and I decided that it may make it useful by my encouraging myself and others to ask questions. So I invite you to pause the video at the points where I ask questions and firstly close your eyes and meditate on them and/or look them up on the web. For those of you who don’t live in the UK or are smart enough to realize that the so called NEWS may be a form of propaganda and therefore avoided, I wanted to discuss the story of Chris Huhne which is all over the British Press. He is firstly a flesh and blood human like the rest of us and he happens to be a member of the UK Parliament. 10 years ago he was caught by a speed camera and he got his wife to take the points so that he wouldn’t be banned or so that his insurance wouldn’t go up. This brings me on to the subject of crime. What is crime ? Is it a crime to deceive ? Under what circumstances ? Can there be a crime without a victim ? What I see going on here is something very clever and devious which could be conscious or unconscious. What he has admitted to is Perverting the course of Justice. What do those words mean. Again, please pause this video think about the words. Then turn to the internet. Do we have justice ? Is it not already completely perverted ? Do the super rich have any influence on how law is practiced ? Who set up this system in the first place and why ? Is telling a lie about who was driving a speeding car a crime or is it something more to do with money ? Do speed cameras work at reducing our speeds or do they primarily create revenue ? Who benefits from the revenue they create ? I don’t want to ruin good questions with poor answers but I will share n answer or two that popped into my head albeit under the influence of various others. To me a lot of this is about the use and abuse of language. Crime is a word. It is a word like all words which seem ambiguous. But to me whatever you call it, my desire is to live with others in a way that we respect each others property by not stealing it using force, and respect each others bodies by not hurting them or even worse killing others. So to me that word points towards an act which is perpetuated against a flesh and blood human – either towards his body or his property. Therefore there of course must be a victim. According to this definition, Chris Huhne’s act of saying his wife drove the car is not a crime. There is no victim. However, could it be that Chris Huhne has been to some extent complicit in some very serious crimes according to the above understanding of the word ? This big story seems to me to be continuing the drip feeding of conditioning us to believe that (a) crimes do not need a victim (b) that there is a course of justice which is not perverse (c) that the system itself is not endemically perverse and deceitful (d) that the system is not protecting deceitful practices by Corporations and people in Governments (e) that the other MPs are not involved in serious crime on a daily basis either knowingly or unconsciously So here are some more questions. What is extortion ? Could taxation be a form of extortion whose ends do not justify the means ? Would you willingly pay full taxation if it was voluntary ? Could it be that Chris Huhne and his colleagues are responsible for extorting money from millions of flesh and blood UK residents, many of whom live in conditions he would not tolerate ? And then he and his colleagues take said money, give it to their friends who work in the banks but worse than that spend billions on tanks, fighter jets, missiles, drones, guns, and wages for young men, send them to countries far away under, shall we say questionable grounds, and thousands of men women and children are killed as a result ? And this man faces jail for lying about who was driving !! So isn’t it clever how the press portray this as if its such a great restoration of public trust in the justice system when really what it does to us subconsciously is scare the crap out of us because we have all been deceitful – its part of being human. Personally I do my very best to avoid physically hurting anyone or stealing their property (although I realize that by buying many of the things I buy I am benefitting from some form of abuse) and I do not think it is immoral to lie about who was driving a car that got flashed by some money making speed camera. So we have all done deceitful things and this story is saying ‘we can go back as long as we like – 10 years and get you and you could be put in jail ! Put in jail for deceit ? Why ? I thought jails are to keep dangerous people away from us ! If deceitful people are dangerous we should all be locked up and the politicians in a high security prison !