Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Project - A Power Experiment

The Project - (A registered political Party in the UK) A completely different political social experiment

This document is part of the ongoing subversive (social) experiment, known simply as ‘The Project.’

We have set up a power (political) party that’s not really a party. More like a collaboration. We have currently decided to call it simply ‘The Project.’

It is intended to be a reflection of ourselves – a ‘work in progress[1],’ so anything could change, including the name.

We are considering creating a menu of sub names so to speak. A couple of suggestions for sub names are 

‘The Subversive EXperimental (S.EX.) Party.’

‘The Creators’ Project’

As this is a collaboration, we are open to other suggestions.

The Project is an ongoing collaborative evolving subversive experiment. It is a specific form of subversion called open subversion.[2] Is not the current power (political) situation also a form of open subversion? If so, then the main differences are that the current experiment[3] subverts power (politics) with fear, control, division, ignorance and violence, whilst this experiment will be subverting power (politics)  with humility, courage, honesty, creativity, integrity, humour, service, self discipline, compassion and with a view to enlightening ourselves and others.

This party is an alliance or fellowship of like-minded people, who share some very basic perceptions of the world.

Criteria for membership of The Project

1.     We are open to the possibility that we live in a mysterious world and that each of us has enormous potential to both create and/or destroy.
2.     We are open to the possibility that there is something very ‘strange’ with the way we are currently organized and ruled.[4]
3.     We are open to the possibility that some of our attitudes and behaviours are part of the problem.
4.     We are open to the possibility that part of solution involves reassessing and refining these attitudes and behaviours.[5]
5.     We desire to do no harm and cause no loss.
6.     We value humour and if we don’t have a sense of humour, we at least desire to have one.[6]

Although this is a power (political) venture, it will involve creative input in many areas beyond power (politics.) And although it is starting in the UK, anyone from anywhere can be a part of it, as long as they fit the criteria above. After all, the behavior of the current Regime affect not just citizens of the UK, but people all over the planet. It would of course be great to see similar experiments emerge all over the world.

This alliance will enable people to share ideas and actions and will be engaged in many arenas starting with power (politics.) Therefore, a fundamental part of the project will be to create a website which will be available for members to both contribute to and take from. This website will use comedy, art, film, performance, science, spirituality, psychology and philosophy to upgrade the conversation. The site will build suggestions for long-term visions as well as ideas for immediate implementation of actions.

As with many experiments, the actions and ideas are implemented with an open mind – open to whatever results occur. This means that the purpose is not necessarily to gain ‘power’ in the traditional way.  Instead, the experiment has a value in and of itself as well as having aims. The primary aim to start with, is to raise the level of conversation, affecting both what we talk about and how we talk about it. The ‘how’ should include utilizing the limitless human creativity to which we all have access. It is also important to choose our words carefully.[7]

Currently, the conversations around the way our lives are managed, are deliberately limited to avoid discussing the bigger questions. For example, there is plenty of debate about different types and levels of legal extortion[8](taxation) but NO debate about whether the whole idea of legal extortion – using the threat of violent force to take people’s property against their will - is itself legitimate or not. Here in the UK, people argue about whether there should be bedroom legal extortion or what level of legal extortion of income is acceptable. This diverts the majority from even thinking about the morality of legal extortion together with the use of the word ‘taxation.’
There is also much talk about ex-pats[9] and what to do about them with little or no mention of why they end up leaving their home countries and coming to a strange often hostile country and to what extent the economic system here in the UK contributes to the conditions that make it impossible for so many people to survive in their home countries.

It is not just the topics of conversation and the choice of words, but also the form. Is the use of questions a critical tool in opening peoples’ minds as opposed to closing them?
This alliance will offer resources for creative imaginative people (potentially all of us) to raise the level of conversation through the asking of questions.

Standing for Parliament

Candidates would be completely independent, with only the guiding principles and membership criteria as common ground. Their personal manifesto, hand picked from the website hub, would be based on those principles and the particular circumstances of where they are standing.

The kind of people that would sit well with these ideas, would be the type of people who would be extremely reluctant to stand for parliament because firstly they would be aware of the deep corruption of the system and secondly they would realize that to maintain any sense of ‘spiritual’ values (like humility, courage, honesty) would be very challenging. We thus envisage other people nominating those who they think would be suitable and then the candidates would explain why they think they would NOT be right for the job! If there was more than one candidate in an area, the one with the least excuses may be chosen by the decision makers (see ‘infiltration’ below)

They or their supporters could raise the money for standing using crowd funding.

The intention is to fund the project itself by crowd funding membership which would be set at a fixed fee – say £10. Anyone could apply for membership and those who could offer more than £10 could choose for their contribution to cover those who could not afford to join. There could also be a time bank where people could offer their time, and bitcoin would also be accepted.

Initial Ideas from the Initiators

Principles on which the project is based

Primary Principle – The desire to do no harm and cause no loss.

Other principles

Love for others
Service to others

Catch Phrases

    I was wrong.
    I don’t know.
    Let me think about that for a moment.
    Can I please get back to you on that one.

Shifting the Conversation with Questions

What do you like about the world, the system and the way it is run?

What disturbs you about the world, the system and the way it is run?

There does not seem to be any ethical underpinning to the legal, political and economic systems. How can that be allowed to continue?

What exactly is money?

How is it created?

Is the system one big Ponzi scheme?

What is ownership?

What is land ownership?

Can we abolish usury and if so when and how?

Can we provide people with a basic income system?

What is the etymology of the word Government?

Does voting give people the right to do things that was immoral without the vote?

Should the government be involved with education?

If the same civil servants are advising the Government no matter which party is in power, how is that democratic?

Is taxation a form of extortion and if so can it be ethical in any circumstances to take away someone’s property with the threat of violence?

What is a crime?

Should we allow the idea of a ‘legal personality’ in the form of corporations bearing in mind that this has meant that these organizations get all the rights of real humans and none of the responsibility?

Who is funding so called think tanks? Is that important? Who is actually controlling the elected officials?

What are we going to do about such gross financial inequality where the top tiny minority own more than billions at the bottom?

Suggestions for immediate implementation

Change the names of things to reflect different viewpoints and point towards a more truthful depiction of those things.

Change the name of Government to ‘regime’ Or ‘cast.’

The Prime Minister will be referred to as the Lead Actor.

Change the name of various ministries..

Ministry of Education  - Ministry of Indoctrination

Ministry of Defense  - Ministry of Attack

Ministry of Justice - Ministry of Obedience

Media and Communications - Propaganda

Office of National Statistics - Office of Data Manipulation.

Set up new Ministry of Ethics whose job it would be to examine the ethics of all the other ministries.

Politician members of the alliance might agree to live on minimum wage and live in Government housing during their tenure if they were ever elected to office.

Eventually any member of the alliance who reached a high level of so called leadership in any governing body would agree to be recorded 24/7 except when in personal situations. All communication would be open to the public.

Visions For The Project

It is important to acknowledge that these visions will remain visions until such time as the planet is ready for their implementation and at the appropriate pace.


People will be educated as to why the current system seems like it is responsible for the destruction of most life forms, from the plant and animal kingdom to the life and souls of human.

There will be support put in place for people who wish to opt out of the system as best they can and create sustainable communities.

New systems will be researched – systems which support humans to be their best – not just a tiny elite. The system will not allow a tiny group of people to control vast quantities of resources.

Jubilee – Cancelling all debt starting with third world country but eventually all debt.

Outlawing Usury.

Legal System

Reform the legal system so that it is understandable to the average man and has equality at its heart.

A line will eventually be drawn after which anyone can be prosecuted for real crimes – crimes of theft, fraud and/or physical violence. All will be forgiven for past mistakes but no longer be able to hide behind fictional corporations.

All court cases will be able to be recorded at least with audio if that was the wish of the ‘defendant.’

Jurys will decide what cases are taken to court and which are not. This will save a small fortune. At the moment, the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) decide what cases are in ‘the public interest.’ But how can we allow that when they themselves have an interest in prosecuting as many cases as possible as it is their bread and butter?

Jury Nullification will be discussed with all juries.

Political Systems

It is becoming increasingly clear that politicians are the front line distraction for us to protect the bankers and corporate leaders/owners that REALLY run the world. We acknowledge the cunning nature of the illusion!

We also therefore realize that most of the politicians need help! On the one hand they are doing an excellent job as ACTING leaders. It is all an act and once this is recognized, its easier to smile whilst being compassionate. It’s all so silly on some level!

We will insist that anyone in a high position of authority will be tested for mental health issues. We will offer therapy and psychological assistance to those who feel the need to be in power to help them get to the bottom of what is really going on for them.

We acknowledge that most adults spend a great deal of their time behaving like little children. We therefore are committed to showing the so called leaders compassion when they expose their little inner child whilst supposedly ruling the world!

We will call for a Radical reformation of the political system with a view to a reduction in government and their powers so that they return to their rightful mandate as protectors of the people and their rights. Eventually we would not have a government, but  instead move towards an administration, stripping any group (Government, Corporations, Think Tanks) of illegitimate power. (That’s a lot fo stripping!)


Separation between health and money will be introduced. The promotion and ‘selling’ of pharmaceutical drugs will be phased out.


Corporations can only exist if they are deemed beneficial to the people.
Share resources in an equitable way.

Outlaw think tanks and lobbyists.


Education would be removed from the grip of government. It would move from being a system designed to get people ‘jobs’ to a system designed to bring out the best talents in each student.


As there are some very wealthy and powerful people in whose interest it is to keep the status quo going, they would be foolish if they did not attempt to infiltrate any attempts to challenge the status quo in some way. Even if we had real direct  democracy, we have all been so affected by year of conditioning, that it is our understanding that we cannot trust the masses to choose for the good of the whole. This is because most of us experience that in at least some areas of our own personal lives, we cannot trust our own thoughts to make good choices even for our loved ones and ourselves. This is why this project is based on principles above people.
Although the members will have an opportunity to contribute ideas and to potentially stand for election, we are going to have one or more anonymous benevolent decision makers (ABDMs) whose job it will be to sift out infiltrators. They will have a considerable ability to spot these people and will make the final decision as to whether they can stand as part of this venture as well as curating the website and prioritising the creative ideas. This decision will be arrived after considering various factors including the ideas of the members, although once again the decision will be based on principles. So if an ABDM spots a candidate or a policy idea that does not sit well with the principles, he/she would disqualify/reject the candidate/idea.


[1] Work in Progress – What if we acknowledged that we will never have all the answers, either to the questions about our own lives and especially to the questions about how to manage millions of peoples’ lives!? What if being a work in progress meant working on ourselves, in relation to some or all of the principles listed above? What if we accepted that we are a work in progress, always have been and always will be until we die? (Some believe it continues after that!) And what if this project is just like us?

[2] Open subversion – the most cunning of all subversion whereby the subversion is actually in plain sight if you know how and where to look/listen.

[3] Current Uk Political Subversive Experiments includes the Conservative Party Experiment, Labour, Liberal and UKIP party experiments all of which use heaps of subversion.

[4] Something is strange  –What if there is a broad system that is currently in place, which dominates and subjugates much of the planets resources and people? Let’s call it a domination system. (Synonyms of Domination:

What if it is a system with many sub systems and there are many people involved, and they are in what seems is a complex relationship matrix? WHAT IF THE DOMINATION SYSTEM IS THE SOURCE OF MANY OF OUR COLLECTIVE PROBLEMS? Is it something that we should be talking about a LOT, not just Russel Brand?(and his tiny group of followers, some of whom don’t even get what he’s on about!)
What if it is somewhat accurate that the problems we see in the external world are often a reflection of our internal world? As domination is a form of control, what if at a deeper level, ‘control’ has something to do with a lot of our ‘problems’? How many of us have issues with control? How many of us (compulsively) want to control our lives and others lives’ too? What if this project could bring this to our awareness and bring together those who realise that this desperate need to control is unhealthy in ourselves and is manifesting in its extremities amongst the ruling underclass?
(The dictionary defines underclass as ‘the lowest social stratum in a country or community, consisting of the poor and unemployed.’ What if we dropped the second half of the definition? Would it be accurate to describe our rulers - made up of politicians, corporate leaders and the super rich - as ‘the lowest social stratum in a country or community?’)

[5] Reassessing and refining our attitudes and behaviours – How aware am I of the quality of my own thoughts? How much time do I spend on nurturing better quality thoughts? How much time do I spend appreciating what I am, never mind what I have? Am I aware of my faulty thinking and behaving? Do I share it with anyone? Am I doing anything about it? How much time do I spend bettering other peoples’ lives?

[6] We have members who can help you to develop a sense of humour. Please ask. (reasonable rates for members)

[7] Words & Language – From a very young age, we are introduced to language. The rulers use language to manipulate people and strongly affect their feelings and thought. Here we attempt to expose this by creating our own evolving dialect. We do this by choosing This dialect uses questions to encourage opening of the mind as opposed to shutting it one way or the other. It also replaces some words in common parlance with other words, aiming to reflect a closer meaning to that which they represent.

[8] Legal extortion – the word taxation is used to trick people into thinking that taking people’s money from them by force is legitimate? But is it?

[9] Ex-pats – Here in the UK, we call people who come from other countries ‘immigrants’ but we call people form the UK living abroad ‘ex-pats!’