Monday, November 16, 2009

Thinking outside the box

Last night I had some spare time in leicester square so I walked into the Aberdeen steak house restaurant and held up my everything is ok sign.
Immediately the 'boss'(funny word isnt it !) came over and said 'Sorry, you cant do that in here.' I responded saying that I am a man of peace and that he was experiencing what I call an act of loverism. I gently suggested that he actually had no authority to remove me even though he thought he did. He admitted that he had been listening to me in the square and agree with 90% of what I said but he still had to get me out. He asked to talk about it all outside but I refused. He then also admitted that it was his last day in the job so I suggested it was an ideal opportunity to think outside the box and deal with it in an unusual way. We talked about him calling the police and I suggested that this would be a waste of police time and not necessary. I then suggested that we both think quetly about it for a minute. He didnt want to at first , stating that he could think as we talked. I insisted that this was not the best way to be creative. I said 'You are a genius. Am man of great creativity which is probably why you are leaving this corporation - most corporations dumb down our creativity.' He liked that and eventiually realised I was serious about htinking about it because I simply closed my eyes, still holding the sign and it seemed like he shut up for 30 seconds or so. After a minute I opened my eyes and asked him for his thoughts. He said 'Well what outcome do you actually want from coming into here with your sign?' I responded - exactly the outcome which has now occured. That question completely 'disarmed' me. I told him I actually really had to go anyway and that my mission was accomplished. He thanked me for what I do, we shook hands and off I went.