Monday, November 16, 2009

Thinking outside the box

Last night I had some spare time in leicester square so I walked into the Aberdeen steak house restaurant and held up my everything is ok sign.
Immediately the 'boss'(funny word isnt it !) came over and said 'Sorry, you cant do that in here.' I responded saying that I am a man of peace and that he was experiencing what I call an act of loverism. I gently suggested that he actually had no authority to remove me even though he thought he did. He admitted that he had been listening to me in the square and agree with 90% of what I said but he still had to get me out. He asked to talk about it all outside but I refused. He then also admitted that it was his last day in the job so I suggested it was an ideal opportunity to think outside the box and deal with it in an unusual way. We talked about him calling the police and I suggested that this would be a waste of police time and not necessary. I then suggested that we both think quetly about it for a minute. He didnt want to at first , stating that he could think as we talked. I insisted that this was not the best way to be creative. I said 'You are a genius. Am man of great creativity which is probably why you are leaving this corporation - most corporations dumb down our creativity.' He liked that and eventiually realised I was serious about htinking about it because I simply closed my eyes, still holding the sign and it seemed like he shut up for 30 seconds or so. After a minute I opened my eyes and asked him for his thoughts. He said 'Well what outcome do you actually want from coming into here with your sign?' I responded - exactly the outcome which has now occured. That question completely 'disarmed' me. I told him I actually really had to go anyway and that my mission was accomplished. He thanked me for what I do, we shook hands and off I went.


Robert said...

Danny please call me Asap about appearing on my radio show this wednesday.

Don't know another way to contact you, please email me or call 07763571800

Robert said...

Ps. I love you x

Gary said...

> Ps. I love you x

Just as well Monsieur Shine is an "englightened" soul.

In a different context, your posts could be a bit worrying :o)

Hey Dan, I love you too :)

Anonymous said...

An act of loverism ?

Does that make you a loverist ?

Brap Allgood said...

Myself, I'm about 90% loverist and growing.

Absolute love to you, Danny. I loved this story, too. :)

Lost & said...

Hey Danny. Thanks so much for going on the show tonight. You were a truthful and real interlude in a fun and superficial show. Thanks, let me know when i can of service to you in the future.
Love & Light
Rob :-)

Oscar said...

Danny, it Interesting to note that sometimes all we want/need is someone who believes they have authority over us to 'concede' that false sense of authority- in a sense this relinquishing of false power serves to bring us one step closer to breaking down the illusion. One step closer to harmony. It is a relief, like a pressure valve has been released. I know this feeling.

I watch your vids and know that deep inside this is your objective but your intention can't be stated during a confrontation because otherwise the result won't count. ie 'i will stand here until you tell me that it is ok for me to stand here- then my work is done'.

This phenomenon is so crucial in all human interactions and you are right when you highlight the fact that fear dictates most relationships. People are afraid to let go of that control because they don't trust the other person will still love them if they do. Ego.

The irony is all those people who you encounter, if they really understood this, would have you moving on in seconds- a win/win outcome. Love and freedom disarms those that value it so much.

I have come to understand you because i am the same and this stems from a dysfunctional relationship with authority as a child and understandably so. All we want is for the 'controller' to relinquish that 'power' and we will only love them even more. Obedience can only come through love and is the breeding ground of sickness if it is forced.

with love


Rayna said...

danny you loverist you! thanks for sharing your inner thoughts will all of us, You are an inspiration to me. Not because I agree with everything you say, but because you say it. You are expressing yourself as a human being, i admire that. :) Just remember you may never feel you have ALL of the answers, but what is important is that you are asking the questions!
much love to you

Spike said...

hi danny its paul (the guy who had a photo taken with you at leicester square station, quite rudely without asking... I'm Sorry)
My friend Drew was utterly jealous after i told him I met you on tuesday night. when will the Prince charles and camilla video be going up??

Keep up the good work with charlie... me and drew will be out with megaphones soon.... hopefully.

Mélanie said...

dear danny :)

i don't know if you have experienced this before: you read a book and suddenly realize how attached you are to the characters in the book and what important roles they carry in your life and how you really care about them and worry about them. i do think this feeling is quite similar to what i feel towards you and charlie :)
i have grown to love you two, sharing many of your thoughts and ideas. i don't really know where charlie is going with his last two videos, but i do know that i will not take up any kind of weapon against another human being. i don't know what we can do against someone who has the power to eliminate thousands of other people with mass weapons. i really don't know and it scares me, but i am quite certain that "fighting" for peace, fighting in the literal sense, might not be the solution - not my solution, however.
it sounds strange to write to you, as you're so close but then again so far. close to my heart and important, and far as you don't know me and we have never met etc. (which is why i think the book example kinda fits). i just felt i had to let you know how important you are to me, that i thank you for this with all my heart and that your daughter has a lovely voice. ok, lovely is understating it - she has an amazingly beautiful and powerful voice, especially for her age. i always feel like this doesn't sound serious enough because you don't know me, but i really do mean it!
if that would be ok for you, i would like to add you on facebook - although i don't know if you rather only add people you know irl or not...

however, lots of love and hugs,


Anonymous said...

Hi Danny, first I found Charlie's videoclips and was stunned about how brave he is. Eventually I found the video where you both met.
Now I found your blog and feel like leaving a little message.

I'm with you all the way.

Beth said...

Hi Danny, I came across your site after someone posted a link to one of your youtube videos, and I'm glad I did. I lived in London a few years ago (am back in California now) and I saw you several times at Speaker's Corner. We spoke a little about President Bush and his...ways.

I wanted to bring you a copy of one of the pictures I took, but wasn't able to make it back before I left - so here you go:

Thanks for putting your voice out into the world.

Be well,

andrew2009 said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I was stood there with you Danny i was the short bald man who asked if you was speaking about the Illuminati i also spoke to the police with you and i just found it completely bizzarre when theytold me they was not tought the law my responce was why are you trying to up hold it then ? they was actually on our side by the time we left . It was very nice to meet you danny and you opened my eyes and gave me hope ..........many thanks mark

Anonymous said...

Hello Danny, thanks for posting a lovely example of your experience, difficult to describe...profound,subtle,loving communication... i'm really very excited by the vibe, i'm practising being in that's real man! i'm lucky that i've had a bit of a difficult life with out much material stuff before i found my 'peace'very recently.May you always feel loved,Tim.

Anonymous said...

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erastus said...

Hello Danny. "Thinking outside the box" is an amazing story! I have two things to say about it:

1. This is one of those stories that I might hear while sitting at the feet of a spiritual teacher. Karma (or whatever) seemed to conspire for a memorable and teachable moment. That day, that place, that man, that time of his life ... and you as well. The ending was a complete surprise--what he said and what you answered. And I'm beginning to see that there is more than one level here as well.

2) This is EOK the Danny Shine way. I always liked you best.

Love and Peace!

karrie kay said...

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