Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The videos and the silence

Dear beloved friends and readers

I said on youtube comment that I would write a bit more about what is going on personally. I have ‘met’ many wonderful people through this youtube channel and its beautiful to know there are so many who are waking up to the madness.

I will repeat some of the stuff I wrote on the channel and add to it.

In July I was diagnosed with nodules on my vocal chords. I believe that this was co-created by me and I take responsibility in doing that. I think it came from shouting on the streets (which is an abuse of the voice) and then going to my gigs and singing.

On a physical level, this means that I have to remain virtually silent for the next few weeks, possibly months. On a spiritual level, it is very interesting that I have co-created this reality. Especially as both my hobby (speaking in public, making the vids etc) and my profession (singing) are dependent on my voice !

I feel that I have been forced (by myself and life) to look inside more; to evaluate where I am at. What I do on the streets is a very external process and for me it is so much easier to look outwards than to look within at the cobwebs and addictions that seem so ingrained.

As we are creatures of habit, it is natural that we do things, (jobs, hobbies, behaviours) over and over again and stop questioning them, especially if they give us a buzz. That is my experience with the street stuff. And to top it all, we get all these beautiful comments, encouraging us to continue.

I have now been almost silent for 10 days. It is very challenging. At times it is wonderful and powerful, at others it is excruciatingly frustrating, especially when I am left looking after our 2 year old and he is asking me for something and I cant respond. A lot of feelings are coming up and my usual response would be to use addictions to dumb them down. For me a primary addiction is food. I think to some extent a very high percentage of us in the west use food to dumb down feelings. The food we eat is full of addictive substances (sugar, salt, oily foods) which literally bring down the level of vibration of thought. I am having little bit of success on some days where I attempt to eat mainly raw food and attempt to avoid eating after 7 pm. So when I manage this I am left with this hollowness which is perhaps the meeting with myself.

I am asking myself , what is it that these addictions (Another addiction is computer, email and internet use which is very hard to break) are masking ? Why do I need to do/be/have in order for the addictions to fade away ? What gap are they filling ?

I am also asking myself ‘What am I doing these videos for ?’ What do I really want for them ?

The process I use is meditation. I sit quietly, with my eyes closed and put out the questions to the universe so to speak and then sit for however long and see what comes up. I am still in the process of creating space for answers to arise.

As regards making these videos, at times I feel afraid. I am not even sure there is such a thing as a new World Order. I am not sure how much of these ‘conspiracies’ are accurate. (My therapist said recently that we are all ‘conspiring’ to do things all the time!) I am not sure of very much at all. What I do find is that any belief I cling on to seems to get blown out of the water eventually. But if we assume that there is an evil bunch of people at the top who will stop at nothing in order to gain total control over us, then it makes me wonder how wise it is to do what I do ? Its not as if Charlie and I are going to stop the New World Order !! And they have my details and I am on their Goddamn Database. I know already that I am down as a troublemaker. So I feel I am putting myself ‘at risk.’ Although I am not sure what risk.

A therapist friend once told me that he had rarely met someone who was more afraid of death than me. Quite a compliment (with friends like this…) I sometimes wonder about fear of death in relation to this anti new world order movement. It seems that many in this loose movement seem afraid of death. What is the worst thing the PTB can do ? Lock me up ? Kill me ?

Then there come the deeper questions ? Who am I ? Is there really an ‘I’ at all ? Have we been brainwashed to be separate beings when we are really part of the oneness ?

To be continued….


Juan said...

Try not to whisper at all.. it is even worst than speaking quietly.

I hope you get better soon!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

danny shine said...

thanks. yes i know that. the only thing i do is mouth stuff !

Anonymous said...

Sure you're putting yourself at risk! Probably the majority of people who live in the 'free world' (and the lesser 'free world', if I may say, would think you're insane to take these public video risks knowing that in their part of the world you'd be silenced in an extreme manner lickety-split) are highly aware of this and that's why the majority of us remain silent - daren't challenge authority, daren't be noticed in public by being non-confirmist ... Yeah, and look what happened 'historically' when the masses remained silent ...

Like I said I really only started researching NWO, and 'down the rabbit hole' over the past 3 weeks in depth, and now and then think what do I do with this info ... most of this can't be,can't be real! Rubbish.

My dear neighbour said to me the other day (and I'm sure you've heard this before) that there's a lot of disinformation offered in terms of NWO, bloodline elites, etc, etc, to confuse/distract us more, to create a sense that virtually anything disasterous/farfetched for example, is a conspiracy or just too bloody farfetched. I don't know - some of the stuff I've researched is out of this world (and literally, too). Some of the stuff is extremely scary that it's incredulous - but logically it connects.

It's your process ... and you've experienced tremendous stress in doing many of the EIO videos - we the viewers have been witness to it ... sometimes it's uncomfortable to watch your EIO videos (with Charlie) or when you've revealed what you were subjected to in other videos because, speaking for myself, at least I feel scared/apprehensive at what is about to happen to you when you're faced with some disturbing 'authority' people. You have an incredibly strong will/courage to challenge those so-called powers ... that's why you stand out and we are captivated and in some cases inspired by your resolve and brilliantly logical deductions.

It's your process ... do what you need to do ... all human beings deserve to feel safe all the time. We'll always have what you've shared with so many people already. Perhaps it's time to move on (well, actually, I hope there'll still be more delicious videos from you!). Perhaps I didn't get what your sentiments were ... You hold a lot of power it seems, but your power is a beautiful glowing one that inspires. You're authentic.

I hope you're healing fine and keeping healthy and have interesting projects keeping you busy.

peace to you, lovely Danny,


Anonymous said...

i worked with you in your band a few times on trumpet and had no idea you were such a beautiful soul. i found cveitch channel through AT but it was a while before i recognised the guy on the megaphone... - i was thinkin 'who is that, i know him' for the first few videos. then suddenly i was blown away! just shows how i've been switched off most of the time. woke up about 2 years ago and i recognise all the feelings you express in this blog. i'm havin my first baby tomorrow (my wife's being induced) so big changes are afoot. i don't have anyone to talk to about this stuff so would love the chance to chat (not using your voice of course - don't want you ending up like miles davis! ) but if you could spare some time for an email or 2 i'd be made up!
neil y..
maybe you have my number still but if not i'll send a text in the next week or so.
keep shining bro!x

Crazycaz said...

Danny there is risk in everything, Life is a risk which we all agreed to before we incarnated onto this beautiful planet. Your videos make people smile and laugh, that is strong medicine. get well soon and remember fear is an illusion. Humanity is changing and people like you are doing more than you know. Namaste

Capt Frantic said...

Hey Danny. First and foremost I hope that you get well real soon. I believe that there are times when you must put yourself and your family first and now seems like just such a time for you. Rest up, recharge the batteries and find a bit of clear mental real estate on which to stand and simple "be" for a while.

I hear exactly what you're saying about doubts concerning NWO and such. I've been wanting to write to you and Charlie for a while now wishing to exhort you to ignore all of that Alex Jones NWO stuff as far as possible. There are a number of reasons why I say that. Firstly, even if the conspiracy theorists are correct then we stand next to NO chance of defeating such a powerful organisation other than not co-operating with it. Secondly, I believe in my heart of hearts that the vast majority of people are already "awake" and well aware of the corruption and injustice that is inherent within our system. What people really need is a viable alternative. Thirdly, if the whole NWO thing is true then it's pyramidical power structure is weakest at the very bottom, just like a house of cards. There are real-life struggles to be engaged in right outside my front door and all this 9/11 truth movement and NWO nonsense acts as a very good distraction for time and energy that could, in my opinion, be better spent elsewhere.

There are more than enough self evident evils in this world to tackle without having to resort to NWO conspiracies. Corporatism, wage slavery, class inequality, a woefully inadequate and prejudiced justicial system, a government more concerned about revenue and big business than it is about people. These (amongst many others) are the things which people recognise as being clear and present wrongs in our world and they are desperately waiting to be offered a clear and viable alternative. I believe that the alternative is to disengage from this society as much as possible and organise locally, help people locally, get involved with local charities and revolutionary organisations. This is the direction which I am heading in my own life and it's most refreshing because I can take direct action to make the world a better place instead of feeling powerlessly under the boot heel of some faceless illumaniti top dog. "Be the change you want to see" (Ghandi) etc.

Anyway, having reached "wall of text" status I'll just sign off by again wishing you a speedy and natural recovery and a time of peace in which to reflect.

Namaste Danny


Zwillings-Sonne said...

Hello, Danny!
Thanks a lot for your excellent and courageous video-work, I found it recently in the web and recommended it on my German-Blog today, watching some more of your videos and now reading your blog here and your message about not beeing able to use your voice these days. Crazy ... but who knows, what it´s good for. One thought that came into my mind is, that maybe it´s perfect and done now with those videos - the message is clear and it´s spreading itself out in the Web. You could do more of that stuff - but things wouldn´t become clearer than they are already.
So - maybe it´s the end of that enriching project and something new comes up. Maybe life wants you to write ...
Of course I wish you all the best for your voice - as you are a singer. I experienced it for some days that my voice disappeared because of being shocked by someone - that´s a strange experience. But you mentioned it already: Maybe it´s also a good chance to withdraw a bit and look inside.

Zwillings-Sonne said...

I practise a lot of "Looking inside", and sometimes especially in relation to the circulating NWO-stuff: What´s my part in this incredible story / system, where I find myself in now.
I hope you understand, what I want to say here, cause I´m german and just try to translate it somehow in your language ... so - when I was young, I used to read lots of stuff about the history of my parents, which were raised in the totalitarian Nazi-Regime. My father was sent to war when he was 18 in 1939. My parents refused to talk with me about that Nazi-Period and their experiences - it was a Tabu - for many germans and for many years. But I talked with lots of other people - also with old men who had been involved in the system and war, saw them cry while remembering all the cruel things - full of regret and horror. I really thought, it would never happen again.
Now (I´m 46 by the way) I find myself in a kind of global totalitarian system, ruled by money - as always in history - but now very obvious - and in many points this system is even more cruel than the Nazi-Regime or any other before could be, cause there are these Global-Options against people today. And we are all part of it now.
With far more informations available than ever before. But it doesn´t mean anything - which I learn now. And I stopped to judge my parents and other people long time ago. I´m not a better person than anyone else on this planet. This is my lection.
And there are more lections in it, like you already mentioned: To deal with fears for example. All those little fears which are in truth the fear of suffering & dying.
So - as I know the Hermetic Law "As it is above so it is below" my biggest task is to look inside myself to find my part of the soul which co-creates those totalitarian systems.
Where am I myself such a greedy-needy being (like those who are already very rich and in power but always want more)? Where is this bridge between "inner and outer world"? Who am I to blame others - even those in power - and is it really true, what I see in the so-called outside? Or is it just my own fiction - as everything is illusion and we´re all One?
What is my part in the game, my job, what do I want to do in that? Is there even any choice? a.s.o.
Someone wrote already that there is much confusion around today -
maybe much more than ever before.

And: Like you - I don´t know what´s true. Maybe nothing is true. Yes, I guess, it´s all fiction finally. And in fact - there´s nothing to know.
I learned that there are no answers to all this questions - especially not in the outer world. There are round about "6 Billion Realities" - as many realities as "thinking minds", everybody interpreting his or her own world.

What I noticed recently is, thatb it´s definetly no fun to blame any other person on this planet for whatever. I could feel that it makes myself sick to blame somebody else or others - it hurts. And for me it´s a kind of blessing to notice that now. Even to blame the others as "Sheeps" or "Sheople" - which works very well in your language - is on the longer run painful and no fun.

What I like in all your videos is the message of Love and being one.

I dare to send you a link to some Video-Satsangs with Rick Linchitz - he´s very radical to the point of just-being and "this-is-all-what-is, there is nothing else ("outside") and he talks in american-english ...

and some loving greetings,

MarinaOfLight said...


It's not important what you do, it's important when you do it, that you do that in (the) NOW; in/with LOVE.

Are you HAPPY with what you do or does happiness comes from within? (in 3d: it's a choice).

When you ask your questions from that space you describe, the answers couldn't be anything else than LOVE??!?!
Aren't you following your heart then?
The ego has MANY backdoors, and we need to see those without pushing yourself to the limit.

HAVE FUN with all the processes unfolding and see all exactly for what it is: perfect balance.

And what "better" way to express SELF, the way you do, could there be?

It's like HOPPER EXPLANING THE WORLD - on youtube - and you wake ppl up, with courage, love and discernment - but should one really do that?
In my "opinion" that's what we can do - without shoving it thru ppls throat - coz this is a planet of free will and if ppl wanna sleep, let them sleep - (and then this is an ego-comment on itsself ;-) and if you have opened ONE heart, isn't that just ONEDERFUL?

Some ppl come to earth to bake a cake and you are doing this and I thank you for that.

In the final analysis it was never between you and "them" anyway. (mother teresa)

Without U there is no U ni Verse,

Peace to you and your loved-ones and do what feels "right" ... or left ... ;-)


Niall said...

Hi Danny,

I've been following your video's on Youtube (you and Charlie that is), and I have to say that they are both courageous and tremendously important, even if at times you do loose your empathy for the policy enforcement officers, don't give up on account of loosing heart or frustration. Your vidoes and the responses and comments on Youtube are testament to the fact that people are beginning to wake up. Forums such a and are only the beginning. People are dis-satisfied with the present status quo.

I know how difficult it can be to remain silent, and I feel you are using the opportunity very wisely. I once spent 10 days in a Monastery in Thai Land, no talking, no listening to music, no reading, no writing, no internet / e mail (obvously) no food after 12PM, and as much meditation / inner exploration as possible. At first my mind would not obey or be still, but after approx 6-7 days, it began to be quiet, and it was a beautiful experience.

I'd like to recommend a book for you to check out while you are in your silenced period, or even afterwards, its called - I AM THAT, a record of conversations with Sri Nisargadatta, if you never heard of him, look him up.
Get well soon, and the ultimate truth is inside you, and has always been there, it never went anywhere, you just seem to think that you did.

Love and Light,

Anonymous said...

Just want to wish you good health. I hope that your "voice rest" brings you opportunities you wouldn't have had otherwise.

danny shine said...


danny shine said...

wow - what amazing comments. I love each of them and you guys. it is amazing what and who these videos are attracting. So many beautiful people all ovre the world. Thank you thank you.

Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

Hi Danny,

Thoroughly recommend "Journeys out of the body" by Robert Monroe for curing an inordinate fear of death.
(it seems as if your "reading list" is probably very similar to mine and i think you'll find it indirectly but very definitely fits with a weirdly large number of odd subjects (mystery schools, secret societies, the perversion of religion) (ie, Icke , Maxwell etc) - whilst not actually being about any of those subjects.

As for the NWO stuff, i've been looking into it for the last 3 years or so. I dont believe it all, but theres seems to be a significant chunk of it that is undeniable.

As for not "defeating the NWO" - well, all it takes is for everyone to just say "no". And you're giving people a great example.

best regards.

Brian Sacks said...

Re "Is there really an ‘I’ at all ?"

I've done a couple of experiments on facebook to try and find out: The answer seems to be "No, I am just a figment of my own imagination"

all the best


Brian Sacks said...

Re "Is there really an ‘I’ at all ?"

I've done a couple of experiments on facebook to try and find out: The answer seems to be "No, I am just a figment of my own imagination"

all the best


Brian Sacks said...

Re "Is there really an ‘I’ at all ?"

I've done a couple of experiments on facebook to try and find out: The answer seems to be "No, I am just a figment of my own imagination"

all the best


Brian Sacks said...

....and, wish you a speedy recovery. See you around

all the best


Anonymous said...

Namaste brother...I once fasted and kept silent for 14days it was very good for me....relax and find peace where you are now....I know nothing about you and yet your energy tells me you remain a person of great integrity. A wise man once said to me that knowledge is not found in books. That the road to know who you are is to go deep within and watch the self...I know it is important to bring to the world light... it is in our nature...A common man like Gandhi did wonders with this. What is it that we know? Is it what we experience and what we cocreate? I know I make choices in my life by observering the trees fruit...if one spaeks truth, acts truth and thinks truth then certainly he must be on the path of truth. I dont know if this NWO stuff is a great conspiracy....I do know the laws of science have been repeatly broken by the event of 9/11...I do know that the media is manipulated as I experience this first hand while residing in Lebanon...I do know that to make peace one should never make war...I do see the injust actions of first world nations against those 2rds of the world's population...Often I need to ask the question why great souls for example, like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, JFK,are always publicly destroyed? Why must an entire nation suffer this "shock and awe" of destruction? I do know that Mega Corporations control food chains and energy as well those needs for our survival...Conspiracy? Why cant an individual even hold a sign that says "Everything is OK?" with out being approach by authority. My common sense tells me there is something terribly wrong here...conspiracy nut you say or is it just common sense? I wish your inner journey well my brother...and thank you for all your previous gifts that you have left to so many.

Bard of Ely said...

Danny, I love your videos and find the work you have done with Charlie a combination of being an inspiration to others to do something and a lot of the time just plain fun which we could all do with a lot more of in these days of doom and gloom and media-manipulated fear! I have been involved in conspiracy research for many years and have had to change my beliefs on some subjects that has put me not in agreement with the majority of fellow conspiracy theorists. I no longer believe in chemtrails but call them contrails just like the authorities and media do and because of that chemtrail-believers have said all sorts of untrue things about me plus they bombard me with 'evidence' I have already seen in an effort to get me to "wake up". Frankly I find it annoying and see these people as no different to religious people who seek to convert you and say you need their faith!
I add my best wishes to all those people sending get well soon thoughts to you and want to let you know about a campaign I have just joined to do something about health and to combat fear and the swine flu madness - to create a pandemic of optimum health! Please see this hub for details:

danny shine said...

thanks for the last two comments and forthem all.

andrew2009 said...

I have respect for danny and his intentions, but i am sorry to throw cold water on this - but there is no 'awakening' people are not coming round or wising up the powers and how they operate. You are a vocal VERY vocal minority and you do not know how to implement change and even if you did you would be powerless to implement it.
If you think there is massive change going on - stand on a flyover during rush hour and watch the queues driving into the cities and towns going to work, is that queue getting smaller as people wake up to whats really going on? Has there been a drop in army/police recruitment? Are civil servants becoming more harsh or less harsh in the way they deal with us the 'general public? you see my point? there is no measureable change that could lead anyone to believe that some type of 'awakening' is going on 'en mass' individually of course i cannot speak on. This does not mean that change CANNOT be implemented neither does it mean that WE cannot be a part or a catalyst for change. thankyou for reading.

marieeb123 said...

Hello Danny,

I have been going through that journey for 6-7 months now and it is one hell of a ride. I am not quite sure if I can call this an awakening, but definitely a new journey. I feel very strongly that there is some force in the universe that took me here. I was not looking for all this and yet I was informed despite of it all. Now that a lot of the puzzle pieces are getting together, I have a much clearer picture (though not complete) and it seems that my whole life, through my experiences, perceptions and interests, was made so I could understand the world now. I'm not quite sure what exactly I am supposed to be doing, what my role in all of this is... but even when I was a little girl I thought I had a very important purpose in life waiting for me down the line... and I have a feeling that this is coming soon, in light of all that new information and all these new perceptions. Sometimes I feel like I'm drugged up, but I'm really not. It's like I can now feel or see the absurdity of what we call reality. I don't know if something like this has ever happened to you? I feel like I'm navigating in this reality but not completely and trying to find my way without a map.
I guess what I want to say is that you're probably right on when you say that there is a purpose to your loss of voice. That force that is pushing you and me and others to what we are supposed to accomplish is very strong. I'm not sure what it is, I could not even define it vaguely... but I know it is there.
Also, don't be afraid to be on a stupid database. The way I see it is this: "If I do something I risk dying but I also risk to make a difference, however, if I do nothing and there is really a NWO I will die on my knees. And of course if there is no NWO and everything fine and dandy well there is nothing to fear anyhow..." that makes the choice easy... you know?
You have a lot of support and a lot of love coming your way. Continue the good job, because... everything is, and will be ok =)

Dave said...

Hey Danny... I wanted to ask you an honest and personal question... mainly because I share your thoughts about internal addictions, consumption, the media etc etc...

I was diagnosed with "bi-polar" a number of years ago... I've been called "Crazy Dave" for a number of years now... yet everyone has acknowledged my intelligence, insight and quirkiness.

Do you share a similar condition?... and if so... or even if not... take it easy, and keep one foot inside the line with a mind to stepping outside. Your words really strike a chord and resonate with me... Do you sometimes feel like Michael Douglas in "Falling Down"?

Anyhow... best of vibes to you... and from one person trying to move outside of a world of addiction and reliance on the external.. good luck with your meditation, the answers will come. Exercise your body and your mind and you can't lose...

Alex James from Blur stated after giving up fags and booze:

"The bad stuff we do makes us feel great at the time and shit afterwards. The good stuff feels shit at the time and great afterwards"

Hold on to that my friend and be well :)

All the best,


b said...

if you keeping from using voice still - and into meditation, looking inside and wanting to let go of attachments - may i recommend the 10 day silent vipassana meditation retreats (done 2 of myself) @ hope you get your voice back soon. enjoying your videos and this blog

Mehevin said...

I feel I have come across your blog and videos to late, but I have now worked my way though them all! Wishing you for a full recovery, to allow you to get back to what you do. (If you still wish to continue that way).
By the way, I am from Kent, so would have love to come up to London and speak with you, or see you at speakers corner to listen to what you have to say, or even join in an help with your sign holding! Maybe in the future this will still be possible, but until then, best wishes.

Mehevin x

Ben said...

Remember this is your chosen life experience as we evolve as beings on this soul journey. What you both do here has an importance, it is necessary otherwise you would not have had the success, experienced the tests and lessons and left behind the imprint of your love.
However you are also right not to forget the inner journey, your own process of awakening and transformation continues endlessly and is just as important.
Regardless of what anyone says to the contrary there is a process of awakening taking place, I have witnessed it first hand from the furthest shores of Eastern Europe. This awakening is necessary and it will continue to grow and they will always pour scorn and ridicule in the way to test our strength to take back control of our own destiny and to become enlightened and conscious and true beings of love.
I embrace you both in love and peace and joy of what you do.

danny shine said...


thanks again for all your comments and wishes. I have heard of vipassana many times. it sounds like a nightmare ! very scary. BUt maybe i will try it. i will see. i like the blur quote.
Love to you all

danny shine said...

Oh - and Dave - I am not sure that labelling things, especially mental 'conditions' is always helpful. So I dont think i would be labelled bi-polar form the professionals but i dont think it matters. i dont relaly trust the medical profession much.

Anonymous said...

a tip, just at thought of what you wrote at the end about identity

I am glad that there are brave people like you, and maybe you need a tiny amount of doubt. If you truly and at all time believed in these elites and their evil intentions -would you function at all?

Tillywarrior said...

Hi Danny,
hope u r keeping well and getting ur voice back..

jsut wanted toshare sthing i read in abok by Louise hay, that nodules are caused by resentment and fear over career! and sinc eu have them on ur vocal the postive affirmation to counteract this is i desreve success and it i sno longer delayed. the book is called heal Your Life.
hope it helps! and thanks for all the videos,i only recently @discovered@ Charlie and am getting theu the vids, wonderful inspiration and so articulate, waiting for the workshops/training vids! they can't put all of us in prison, or worse,if they r more of us than them !
love n light

danny shine said...

thanks caroline. I am kind of familiar with the books. nbot sure i really believe what she says. Its rather amusing in my case becasue i am at the top of my career in a way (i dont really call it a career - just a paid hobby!) and if there is one thing i dont experience fear about, its my career !

siobhan said...

oh man, i think you're about to get sucked down the plughole :)

see ya on the other side!!!!! yay

much love to you x

Kelly said...

I really hope you're feeling better soon. As for if there is an NWO, I'm on the fence myself. What I see you guys doing is waking people up from what IS a reality....the dumbing down and corporatation of the human being. The manipulation of our minds for profit. The use of fear to control us. You remind people them to THINK, TO QUESTION, and to actually realize how FAKE all this BS is!! I'm exceedingly glad someone has the balls to say thru a megaphone what is swirling around in my mind 24/7, we all know deep down how BROKEN all this is! Another thing, as for being on their "list" I just figure, if there is such a thing, I dont want to live in a world like that anyway. GOD BLESS YOU!

Retserof said...

A warm hello (and some quick reflections) from the USA!

You're a very inspiring person, Danny. It's a great boon to have stumbled upon your videos. You're living proof that the old adage holds so very true--that actions speak louder than words.

I've read on and off about the idea that we're all stuck in a consumerist mindset, and, in particular, what interested me was the cognitive dissonance people suffered when they were confronted about it, which is exactly why you don't hear about it--why the notion is utterly dismissed.

But you're a human being. They can relate to that. You're out on the street, with a megaphone--audibly slapping them out of their consumer-stupor, at least for a moment, and THAT is, to say the least, very heartening.

You've brought people laughter and happiness just by sharing your thoughts. Happiness. REAL happiness, not corporate cookie-cutter happiness. "Synthetic" happiness. Look at how simple it is to make people happy--and look at how many of them agreed with you. Entertainment may be the corporations most powerful tool, but It is also yours.

Openly showing love and compassion--people are not strangers to these things. Society may have deemed it taboo, but they need only to be gently reminded.

Charlie Chaplain sums up our situation quite well:

"Greed has poisoned men's souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed. We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want. Our knowledge as made us cynical; our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little. More than machinery, we need humanity. More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness. Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost"

Finally, don't be afraid of reprisal--there are more of us than you think! Take heart in your fellow man, look inward for guidance, and never give up. The world needs more people like you.

I wish you the very best of luck.

danny shine said...

thanks resteroff - beautiful message

Alan said...

Thanks very much for the inspiring things you are doing,I appreciate the fun and games you have with the sign and the way you manage to keep things positive and not aggressive it's an inspiration! Sorry to hear about the voice but what you are doing must take a lot of effort and physical power even though it might not seem too. Sometimes we neglect our physical self when we become involved in mental and spiritual issues. Glad to know people like you are around and would like you to know that there are a lot of people out here who can give help and support if and when you need it!

Anonymous said...

Wishing you speedy recovery.


Nobody said...


I wish to thank you very deeply for what you have done. Having devoted much energy to endeavouring to find solutions to our species' predicament, you have shown me the most direct route I have yet seen. From my perspective, your actions show a completely new approach, which go to the heart of the things that keep us asleep and enslaved, namely fear and desire. I have trust that this will become a grassroots movement in due course... something that I hope to contribute to myself ere long.

The Vipassana course was a very important event for this awareness, since the space that it provided allowed insights to take root that otherwise were being continually bombarded by 'worldly affairs'. I do feel, however, that the movement is trying to get people to think in a certain way, and very subtly hypnotises people through the video discourses that are shown every evening. It seems that this habit is so strong in our species!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

It sounds like your 'spirituality' is undermining your 'philosophy' and the actions which flow from it.

Knowing that you know nothing and perhaps suspecting that there is actually nothing to know leaves you without reference points against which to plot a course and take action and seems to deprive you of the power and drive to try to 'do something' about 'what is wrong with the world'.

I think it's more important that you follow this spiritual insight to the end - the 'death' of the 'I' - and accept the cost in terms of uncertainty and loss of power to act, the disapproval of others and even growing fear, rather than continue the addiction to external 'activism'.

You suspect there is really no "I' and have glimpsed the full implications of that. I suspect you may be right.

But what do I know?

Anonymous said...

A wise man from Galilee once advised

"Let me tell you why you are here. You're here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavors of this earth. If you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness? You've lost your usefulness and will end up in the garbage.

You're here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world. God is not a secret to be kept. We're going public with this, as public as a city on a hill. If I make you light-bearers, you don't think I'm going to hide you under a bucket, do you? I'm putting you on a light stand. Now that I've put you there on a hilltop, on a light stand—shine! Keep open house; be generous with your lives. By opening up to others, you'll prompt people to open up with God" (Matthew 5 'The Message' Bible)

Be strong. Don't be afraid. Let you Light Shine, Danny Shine!

You don't need to do more but you also don't need to undo what you were once moved by love to do.

lanzaroterental said...

Hi Danny I'm reminded as I read this stuff about conspiracises and self realizing journey's of the guy who told his friend that his brother was crazy and that he thought he was a chicken. When asked by his friend why he didn't hand his crazy brother over to the authorities to be put away he said "are you kidding I need the eggs"
I guess a lot of us just need the eggs.

Regards David

Anonymous said...

Dear Danny,

I have been recently watching your vlogs on youtube. Currently, I am on the Finsbury Park Police video. A few videos back, I read that you had lost your voice. With that, you made a video with quotes and music.

To me, that is the best way to make yourself heard. Silence is always the loudest when you want to express something that others do not want to hear or say or do. You pointing to the "Everything Is Okay" sign in Everything Is Okay 7 was a great expression to let others know, that through the depravity of government, etc., that everything will be okay in the end.

Cheers mate and I will continue watching your videos and reading your blogs. :D

suziecreamchease said...

the more a person enjoys being alive - the more they are afraid of death..
so obviously/ maybe/ who can say.. politicians who have lost sight of joy in life tend to have more of a love affair with death and war memorials...
my diagnosis is thus that your fear of death is in itself entirely healthy.. it is just that it is unhealthily amplified by your fear of exposing your vulnerability to someone that you can trust - a mother figure to unconditionally love you.. a need you are too uncomfortable with to properly explore ?