Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A bit of pride from Adina our 12 year old

At midnight she came up for a chat. Mentioned 2 great things from school. One of her teachers was saying 'We are so aware these days of so much more than they were aware of in the old days' Adina pointed out that she could imagine in years to come them looking back and thinking how unaware we were ! Then she said tha there is now an annual celebration of the end of slavery. Adina raised her hand and asked 'Do you think that in a hundred years time there will be an annual celebration of the end of schools ?!'


JACQUI said...

Wonderful! She's a lucky girl to have a Dad that's teaching her such awareness x

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

haha! brilliant!

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful story.....young people are so perceptive and imaginative. I cannot help but feel that the truth is literally inside our children. It shines so brightly at times that it reduces us to laughter or tears, or both. On annother note....Danny I have seen a lot of your stuff and would like to thank you for your observations, your willingness to speak your truth and your humour. I wish you and your young family the best of luck and I hope you all find a way to find and express your voices.

P.S I think it is a good idea to write to MP's and request an interview. May I also suggest Noam Chomsky (I know this name is almost beyond cliche to mention but on the off chance its unexpected Ill persist). My brother emails him regularly and he is a very lovely man, with an enormous amount of knowledge and useful insight. I dont know, im spit balling and rambling now. All the best in whatever you do decide to do anyway.

A million hugs and kisses to you, your family and everyone else who is affraid of blind hatred and human disconnect.

Oh and i think your daughter was perhaps on to something regarding schools but that would take a month for such a layered 'adult' mind to expain. :)

Love James

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