Monday, March 22, 2010

update of my 'position' regarding the videos

Thank you for the comments you have all made.

One of my favourite comments on the previous blog was from mr popplemouse who writes about his own comment 'nothing like writing a long response or idea then deleting it all with a smile on your face and that warmness of knowing that none of this really matters!'

And of course that applies to my blog entries etc. And at the same time, things matter TO ME still.

There are many aspects to the EOK series and the issue of taking them down or not. I realise that even before Charlie put them back up, many people had downloaded them. So I have learnt a lesson the hard way - be very careful what you put on youtube - it may come back to haunt you.

I still feel disrespected and violated by Charlies move to put the videos back without discussion and turn the screw by asking people to download them. Whatever his reasoning or motives behind his choice, it doesn't FEEL right to me. Its the sort of thing I personally couldnt imagine doing to my brother for example, but just because I wouldnt do a thing doesnt mean i need expect it from others.

i also appreciate the comments below and many of the points made and accept that the videos are out there for life and that they have helped many people in many ways. And that feels really great to me because that is one of the main motivators for me.

There is lots more to say but I think brevity may be in order this time.

Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Danny, for those who don't know, what were you arrested for in Feb?

Hope it's not too serious and is just a case of form filling and paying a fine or whatever.

MetaBaron said...

I didn't know you had been arrested? can you explain, or have you blogged about it already?

Anonymous said...

Danny you underestimate and undervalue yourself I have a gift I can see people for what they truly are and I would rather have you running this country than any of the current politicians degrees and qualifications are just that they can be earned, looking in to a mans eyes I can tell if that person is good or bad and when I look at you I can tell you have a good heart, you need some time but you will come good steer charlie away from this daft revolution thing form a political party this is your destiny Mr. Shine and do not worry about your past but look to the future. You have a chance to make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Danny you are an incredibly humble man and wise too. I loved the videos and was so happy to see something that resonated with me. It's a wonderful thing to wake people up and see someone do something I would never have the balls to do myself. However, there is nothing wrong with questioning yourself and if it's your wish for the video's to be removed because you don't feel comfortable with them, then that's cool. I get that you didn't do it to be a leader, but the last comment is right maybe you underestimate yourself. Yes anyone can have a go at what you were doing. But it was you that did even if it was just wjhat you cionsider to be one aspect of you. Praying these troubled times pass quickly for you. Don't hide your light Mr Shine.


Alex said...

Yes the law system in this country is so ambigious and intentionally left open ended so that the powers that wish to be,can do whatever they like either now,in the future or further down the line about things that happened in the past.

I don't blame you for wishing to nip the experiment in the bud and pull your image out of it before things go too far down the line and becomes something you never intended to be in the first place.

It's very unfortunate that Charlie decided to put popularity and viewer demands first,over your friendship and wishes. It is indeed a case of viewers perfectly happy to have you as their guinea pig via their imagined ideas of what this was all about and where it is heading. Viewers lecturing you in comments about letting go of fear. All fine when they're out of view,and you are right in it.

And yeah the "download and distribute" is particularly cruel. Like lusty lovers making their own porn photos at home,it's wise for both to take ownership of the images so that when that bitter break up occurs (which it will), only one side can post it all over the internet just to rub it in. :

Marcin said...

Danny, excuse me for my stupid question.
Did Charlie knew that you were in the middle of a court situation when he decided to upload the videos again?

danny shine said...

yes he did know.

Anonymous said...

Alex, you said:

"It's very unfortunate that Charlie decided to put popularity and viewer demands first,over your friendship and wishes."

I do wish people wouldn't do that. You don't know his motivations, so why ascribe bad ones?

He may have been inundated with requests to put the videos back, perhaps from people all round the world talking about how they helped them overcome fear, or showed them a way to do something to express themselves, or awakened their friends and family etc etc etc. You make it sound like it must be a selfish reason that Charlie put the videos back up - but it may have been an unselfish decision, in that it would have been personally easier to have peace with Danny than this, but he may have done it for what he considered the greater good - the wishes and benefit of tens of thousands now and in the future, compared to Danny's (fairly purposeless, seeing as they were all over the net) request.

Danny, I hope all goes well with the court case. As the guy at the station said, "it's a minor offense". Please don't worry and keep us updated.

Farooq said...

Hey Danny,

since you encourage people to question everything and make their own minds on everything rather than just following someones thoughts I want to say a few words:

You're saying that you aren't a hero, that people idealize you and 'love' the picture that they have from you in their minds. I think that's not true. People noticed you are a human being. They know you have fears. They know you have faults.
But the most important thing is - people like and respect you because you show them you aren't anything special! You admit your faults. You're not riding on a wave and call yourself a hero or a celebrity or a star. In fact you want to get real of this image. That's why the people love you. That's why they respect you. And that's why they are sad seing you retiring.
Even if you're retiring just think about alternatives. With your speech skills you could easily speak in a parliament. You could break the lies, you could bring in some peace within your own 'range'. You should not give up. Learn from your mistakes. You'll get arrested but I don't know why. I am sure if you wanted us to know you'd post the reason somewhere so I won't ask the reason.
Don't fall and stay there. Get up and learn from your mistakes. Stay optimistic. Don't give up.
You could do so much more. See what you achieved with a small simple blog and youtube. Just look at all the feedback you get. People like what you do. They like it because you do what they never managed to do. You break your chains, you wake ppl up. That's why you get so much respect.

I can only imagine what you mean with "dark forces" but if its scary enough to make you stop it must be really big.

Go the legal way. You are british. Go and get elected. Get into politics and teach the people what it means to be human. Teach them the real meaning of truth, justice and liberty. yOu dont need to study anything, hell you even get paid for it.
Get in there and get your immunity. You will be heared. People will like the way you are. People will vote for you. You can achieve so much more.

In Turkey we say "God will judge you for every talent you don't use". Use your talents. Improve them and aim for bigger. Stay Danny Shine. Don't get frightened.

And hug Charlie. Even if he doesn't say it, he looks up to you.

I am sorry for any mistakes I made in this text but this is not my native language.

playonwords55 said...

Danny, I wrote you a few messages of support after watching the video leading up to your arrest. When you disappeared and subsequently announced your decision to withdraw from making videos and disassociate from Charlie- i couldn't help but deduce that the timing was no coincidence. In fact i felt that the arrest was pivotal in your decision and i can only imagine the thoughts that were/are going through your mind during this very stressful period. It seems that this event culminated in what you may have perceived as 'a wake up call' pertaining to your family's well being etc. Nobody can know what you are thinking or feeling but what i can say is that your decision to sever ties with Charlie are one thing and deciding to retire the EOK train is another- please separate them. When you say 'it may come back to bite you' you are implying that there is regret towards what you put out there. What you did was what most of your supporters wish they could have done that is why it is easy to misconstrue them as 'followers' or people who falsely idolize you and charlie without question. Not at all, you are both flawed humans and there are always some things that people won't agree with but the message is crystal clear and the picture is evident event hough some details may not be agreeable to everyone.

We know you don't have all the answers and you are subject to all the emotions that a human can feel, after all you are a mere mortal with a megaphone. Fear has compromised your outlook Danny and only you and those closest to you understand the circumstances behind this sudden change of heart.

Your sincerity is evident as is your good nature and genuine passion for humanity and freedom- anyone with the slightest of discernment can see this from your vids. You are loved and i felt a love for you that i would feel for a family member- i say this in all sincerity and was surprised when i actually realized that i cared for your well-being. We don't have to meet you or know all your flaws to love you. Your love for the collective, your refusal to submit to the conditioned reality and your conviction towards nudging others to wake from their slumber involved sacrifice and i hope you haven't succumbed to the feelings that this sacrifice was not worth the potential inconveniences and family disputes that you may be facing. I am no follower, i am a very independent thinker and afford you no celebrity status- this is not what you were after and if your popularity was a by -product of a great appreciation. That being said, your actions and the passion and principle which propelled you is nothing short of heroic.

YOu created a spark that has manifested in the universe. You made those that weren't sure, believe. YOu alleviated conflict in many who doubted the thoughts that you helped reinforce and validate. What they were thinking you put into practice and by doing so you activated thousands of dormant free thinkers who were siting on the fence, not knowing what kind of life to subscribe to because the overwhelming influences of our paradigm contaminated their beautiful ideas of freedom, individuality and a rejection of striving for status and materialism.

Look deep inside Danny- go through this period of growth, resistance and questioning but above all, emerge as the person you know you are meant to be.

thank you for showing us that fear can be conquered. Now show us again!

much love and strength as you overcome these obstacles.


Come back Danny.

The walrus said...

Without trust there is nothing. Or little.

A second chance is sometimes possible, but often proves to be a mistake.
A little cynical perhaps, but rather modestly so. Lol.

I speak from experience. You have been shabbily treated, but if it were me I'd simply put it down to experience. Or chalk it up?

I do not particularly like typing 'Lol', however, in type without using such sometimes one can be wildly misunderstood.

Clear so far? Rhetorical.

You appear to be a good, genuine human being.
Hope that you at least keep a blog going.

Keep calm and carry on. Eh what old chap?

Well, not so old!

The walrus. (Not really a walrus)

If I was a real walrus would I tell you? Lol.

Peace to you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Cheer up big ears, get the court case out of the way, let Charlie do his thing (it will end in tears anyway) and knock out some more of your own videos in the summer please - they were great to watch, especially the one's were it is just you talking to the camera, some of it was really nice stuff.


A fan.

Greg Carrot said...

Danny. We need you. We - citizens of Poland, Greece, Georgia, UK, France, Germany... What you have been doing was an inspiration for us. We finally know, what we can do. We dont have to sit before computer, we can be for the people, there - in real life - where they need us. And we need You. Your calm, humour, love.

In my opinion, you should forgive Charlie disloyalty. He desperately believe, that what he is doing, is bigger than you, me, friendship. For him, i think, its purpose of life, to make mind revolution. I know you feel bad, but time heals.

Watch how many people have seen EOK, how many read your blog, how many day after day, follow what is happening with you and Charlie. If you need support - just ask. I believe we can help each other. And i believe, everything will be OK.


I apologize for my poor language skills.

Kars said...

Dear Danny Thanks for your lovely videos.

I love the creative way you question everything for me its shows a want to learn, grow and pass on wisdom.

I'm happy to understand that we're all different and all have our unique set challenges. For me it's important that there is a want to grow.

Reading through your blog, I do get you seem to see a lot of things you want improve, with an focus in your internal world.

I think you understand we're all at different levels of understanding, moving at different speeds. most people have a hard time. And many simply surrendered their will to the hive-thoughtless-mind, like broken horses, tamed dependent animals.
When do people break? Why?

As an opposite to boastful, is also an extreme. Why some people like to compete in modesty?

Education is not schooling.
Since I think you love thinking, this site and especially the second podcast has some good points about schooling and a classical method of thinking called the trivium.

All the best,

Love, Courage and Water,


AliE said...

Danny, Charlie has lost his way, don't desert him. He needs you for balance, his new videos are very dull and too political. Love can conquer all, including your friendship. x

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