Wednesday, May 05, 2010

leaflets - unformatted- putting this up for 2 days by rquest

This leaflet is NOT religious, NOT political and NOT designed to SELL anything. Its far more important than that !
IMPORTANT : The purpose of this message is NOT to get you to believe anything or to buy anything including buying into any sort of belief system.
The point is to gently inform people of a different perspective on life – a perspective the mainstream media and those in power have kept secret form the masses until the internet made it more and more difficult to keep the secret !
People always say that we are living in interesting times. Well it feels that way to millions.
Some would say that what is really going on is a war. Its World War 3. But it’s a completely different war. It’s a war for our minds. And it started well before World War One. It has been going on for years. And more and more people are waking up to it.
The problem with calling it a war is that this invokes the very same energy that is used to keep you under control. The energy of FEAR.
I prefer to call it a GAME !
And it really is an astonishing game. The most intriguing game ever devised. And YOU are part of the game whether you know it or not. Whether you like it or not.
Part of the game is that there have been a small group of people who know how the game really works. They keep the rules of the real game secret. One of the ways they try and win the game is to hide from you is that such a game exists and that YOU are part of it. And then to top it all, they use us as unsuspecting pawns in the game. We actually do their dirty work for them without knowing it !!!
But thanks to various factors including the internet, more and more people are discovering these secrets.
The wonderful thing about this game is that the way to play it well, involves the healing, growth and evolution of each of us as individuals. Furthermore, the more people that wake up to their own magnificence and power, the more people that see through the fear mongering, the more powerful the ‘group consciousness’ gets. And group consciousness is the most powerful force – this has been known for Millennia.
So the purpose of this leaflet is to invite you to start playing the game more consciously and join the millions of people world wide who are waking up to this.
It makes no difference whether you are black or white, male or female, young or old, upper class or working class, religious or secular or atheist, highly educated or not, rich or poor, healthy or sick. All these distinctions were deliberately created to keep you away from these secrets. (Divide and conquer) None of these distinctions are real anyway.
The Films, books etc below will NOT take you down a particular path of thinking or believing. And it is not always an easy path to ride. It may not be right for you at this time, in which case, please consider simply handing this leaflet to someone who you think may be interested.
Otherwise, hold on tight and enjoy the ride….
COMEDY: Search youtube for Bill Hicks and George Carlin. POSITIVE FILMS: youtube – The Green Beautiful; youtube – The freedom Movie 2
DOCUMENTARIES – Search google videos for ‘CENTRUY OF THE SELF’’ ‘POWER OF NIGHTMARES’ , and ‘THE TRAP’ (3 separate films by Adam Curtis)
For a most unusual and mind blowing look at the law/political/economic system , which may have you falling off your chair, visit this and take a look at John Harris talk in Stoke. It is quite stunning.
Books that have inspired these ideas
If you are open to challenging your preconceptions, try Anastasia by Vladimir Megre. (part of the Ringing Cedars Series)
The New Earth – Eckhart Tolle
Some of you reading this leaflet will be familiar with the concepts and perhaps some of the films etc. You may have been wondering what you can do about this. My guess is that it would take a truly great mind to think up a remedy for the mess we are in which has been created over thousands of years. The only one I have come across which seems remotely possible is in the Ringing Cedars series of books. This talks about a return to nature in a very unusual and detailed way. But it also talks about the importance of ‘image’ as in our imagination. The invitation is, instead of reading newspapers or watching TV news (which use image to control and manipulate) , close your eyes and Imagine your life with complete health, with complete abundance, with lots of joy. Then spend some time imagining life on the planet with complete health, complete abundance and lots of joy. This can be done on the tube or whenever we have a few minutes to spare and be made into a daily practice. We can start to reclaim the power of our imagination. The power to create our personal reality and our collective reality. The power which some believe has been hidden from you deliberately. Yes – admittedly, you may then become ignorant of who murdered who, and who raped who and which minister was corrupt. Does it really benefit you to keep on being subjected to this? What is the ENERGY behind all these stories ? What is the energy behind these words.
If you think you would like to produce similar leaflets, please feel free to copy anything and personalize it. There is absolutely no copyright on these ideas. (Who on earth created the whole idea of copyright ?!) Just visit the blog and copy what you wish and then create your own leaflet and website for feedback.. There are some suggestions for guidelines on the blog.


AlexFate said...

A curious post Danny - a 2 day special hey - lol :-) I've thought alot about fear over the years - how it's used to control us, how some say that fear is the only thing to fear and so on...
I believe fear is real - in terms of a desire to protect our physical bodies - and more so, it can be healthy. It is how we connect to fear that is important. After all the essence of fear is life...

danny shine said...

the 2 day thing is that for the moment I am breaking from this stuff as best I can. One day I am sure much will come back.

is there a distinction between fear and caution ?

what is fear anyway ? its just a word is it not ?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting this on, iv'e put it in a file so i can read it properly before it poofs lol.


AlexFate said...

just a word Danny - I guess so... and what power do words have? I mean for a person who stood with a sign to show people, often with just>>> words. hmmm
2ndly fear is an interesting word - one I've thought about alot - in fact I tend to call it a 'non-word'. That's what I call words that are used to avoid explaining the real issues, like stress for example. Although I appreciate the body can show symptoms of 'stress/fear' - but that's all for a pub conversation...
Please let's not put down the influence that 'words' can and do have over people - that would be too ironic for me on a blog/comments based upon words alone... ;-)
Always good to chat though :-)

Love Police Scotland said...

Danny, appreciated, thanks.


Anonymous said...

Wondering what you think of Charlie using your voice in the new videos
(The Chronicles of the Noble Lie 1)?

Does he have your consent?

If not, that is a shame.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting videos there Danny, most I have seen some time back, and some new ones for me to have a looksee.. though, one of the new ones I have not seen was quite extreme.. blimey, some humans are living day to day with their eyes wide shut..EARTHLINGS.

How did you get on with the "experiment" you tried a few months back? I hope you remember what it was you said to me? as at the time you could not quite say
- hint hint -

All the best Danny
Alan DYT

Anonymous said...

The more i am becoming awakened the more i see that my mind is being imprisoned.
There is so much exsposure of this prison that shows we are not free, i wonder if we are then being imprisoned by that, take example when the media exposes, it's a drip effect of information which will lead us down a road to protest.
Alot of people post news articles all the time about war/murder/scandel so do we react and fall into a trap of protest.
Caution becouse you can be misled and fear isn't a bad thing it's a human emotion that i see as a warning sign, it's that gut instict that reminds me that i'm human.
I am getting better at not reacting but it's more i'm being silenced perhaps becouse of others reactions and avoiding that but perhaps becouse sometimes the best thing is not to think, as thinking leads to forming an opinion and the ego is fed of this.
I home educate my kid and that is quite free as she no longer has to be indoctinated with crap but every year the LEA decend on our tiny flat, i haven't found a way to get out of this becouse it is easier to go along with it and appease them than fight.
I can't get rid of her special educational statement so if anyone knows how to do this, id be grateful to know. The statment and so called help was the biggest trap and they want me to review this statement even though i haven't seen the updated statement since 2007 the year i started home education.
The meeting will go something like 'how can i review a statemnet i haven't been sent. Then they will try and question me in my home and try and question my daughter. School meeting last 10 mins at the most but they interigate us for 2hrs all this so my kid isn't dumbed down and locked up in a new special school/prison with lots of cctv and drugs that was being put in the food, children screaming becouse teachers are taught to restrained for things like not and responding fast enough/kids with special needs need longer response times.Dragged off and put in a room and some of them end up in hopital and some even died, all nicely covered up so you bet i wanted to get my kid out. We can only be partly free but it's something.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dannyshine
Your videos where always the funniest of the two love police and that made your message much more and human. On your last video you talked about not letting the ego take the credit for the many compliments and good wishes you'd received. I spent 12 years in an eastern philosophy school trying to get rid of the ego. After much meditation you can imagine my exasperation when I was told by an English man (Tony Parsons The open secret)that really what was going on was the ego was trying to be rid of itself which explained the years of going round in circles meditating till I was blue in the face. Would really recommend you take a look at his site as I think you'd find it of great interest. What the ego tricks us into doing is producing a humble spiritual ego but we are just as trapped by the ego as ever we've just polished it up a bit.
By the way the philosophy did explain fear though and one thing I've found out in experience is that you can't live fully in the here and now and experience fear. You have to let your mind drift into an imagined future and picture some event to produce fear.
My thoughts on all this Lawful rebellion is that working at it quietly and peacefully (as John Harris does) is the only way that avoids us playing into the hands of those we wish to change or even worse risks us becomming like them.

Regards best wishes and thanks for all the entertainment you've provided David

danny shine said...

Thanks David for your delightful comments. I have read the open secret and seen some of tony parsons stuff and it is fascinating. not completely convinced by it all but then i am not completely convinced by anything ! i have been recording a lot more material which i may put up one day. blessings to you and it was a complete pleasure creating the entertainment !!

lanzaroterental said...

Hi Danny
Good to hear from you. I know what you mean the Tony Parsons stuff is challenging becaause we are always looking for ways to arrive at some kind of understanding or some point and it's always just out of reach or just in the next book or on the next page. My own experience is of just stopping all the bloody searching that never ever got me anywhere except that it gave me some temporary satisfaction and improved my philisophical ego. I guess the search just has to end where it starts right here and now no mater how much my mind rebels against it I just said fuck it this is as good as it's ever gonna get and gave up. Cheers Hope to see you on video again as some things are just to serious not to make fun of


lanzaroterental said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lanzaroterental said...

Hi Again Danny
Was just laughing at the stupidity of my last comment as I realized I'd basically told the story of a journey of an apparent (according to Tony Parsons)individual who had moved from one situation/belief to another which is the trick of the mind. I'd been trying to describe how I got free from the trap of the mind yet in describing how I got free of it I fell straight into it by describing what happened to an individual who apparently made a choice. Even the to say I was describing is crazy. I'm not a big T Parsons fan but I heard him say recently that listening to him is the end of all hope as what is being pointing to is the utter futility of an individual trying to escape from the trap individuality.

Regards David

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Alright Danny, I came across your videos on youtube by accident.
I found them really entertaining and interesting so decided to find out more about you, I left a couple of comments on your youtube videos - unitedroadpaddock - Keep up the good work.
John Harris, Belfast.