Wednesday, May 12, 2010

MP interview

I was standing outside Parliament Last Night and I saw a woman (I would say in her mid thirties) being interviewed by the press.
Sadly I didnt have my camera ready - it would have been awesome.

I approached her and said 'are you an actress or is this your real life ?' She said 'pardon Me?' I repeated 'Are you an actress ?' She said emphatically 'No !' 'Then what are you ' I responded - 'An MP.' she said.
I asked which party and she replied the CONservatives.

'Oh' I said. 'Do you think its possible to be an MP AND be genuine ?'

She really didnt seem to get me but said 'Yes ??'

'But dont you have to put on an act ?' I asked

'No' She replied.

'But dont you have to toe the party line ?' I asked

'But I agree with the party Line !!

I then said 'Do you think that we can continue with Capitalism for the next few hundred years ?'

She said 'I haven't really.....' and then backtracking, she said 'Yes , sure'


Anonymous said...

beLIEf in ANYTHING is real for the beLIEver..

Maybe next time you will have the camera on standby and ready for action, thanks for sharing the experience.


Jack Maltby said...

Great posts Danny! Been checking out your work for a while. Would love to ask you a few questions..

When you get a sec, could you please drop me a little line at ""


wirrow said...

it would be really nice if u made some videos again.. of anything! :]
i thought i saw u biking down southgate at some this possible?

also i dont think 'capitalism' is the problem. i think fascism is the problem..under the guise of capitalism.
but then u can keep stripping these things down through their many disguises and get lost in that whole process:/

Kish Tailor said...

Danny, I now understand why you had to do your own & light


BlurryBlueAlien said...

Nice interview!

the ego squirming in defence and deflection.
Cant underestimate the politicians/conartists obliviousness to it their own motives.

everythings perfect,


nevertrustasmilingcat said...
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Shantz said...

Not a great speaker, that sounded embarrassing for both of you! lol

Love Police Scotland said...

Hi Danny.
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There's still a couple of weeks to go until the big day, lot's of time to get organised... would be great to have you on board:)
Details on the events page of Love Police Scotland facebook group...
lower the fear & raise the love.

Anonymous said...

You sir are amazing. I am sorry you have had to face what so many others have had to, including me. But you are right, thank you very much for standing up to what is the "Reality" that other people have succumbed to. It would have been hypocritical of me, yet I would have accepted the lesser charge. I hate that in myself, but I would have not regretted that decision in my life enough. That is where their real power lies, in making you regret the decisions you have made. Thank you for choosing truth as the authority rather than the authority as truth. You are very brave, and I am ashamed to say I would not do the same; though I will support those who do. It is far and few between that you will find us, but we are here, unfortunately at the sidelines protecting what we can get and forcing ourselves to conform to the system. If there is a better option; and most importantly true hope, we are willing to sacrifice. Until that day though we will do what we have to do within the system and disagreeing with it, while forcing our own happiness wrongly. Knowing the ultimate truth.

WE ARE TRULY FREE, no one can control us unless we allow them to.

Yet I will now selfishly sink back into my own happiness, and fuck everyone else, because I have had an unbelievably awesome day.

Best of luck and most of Love,

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