Friday, April 30, 2010

The Life Party

Following the revelations from God (see article below) further thoughts about some fun with politics.

I think that FUN is the operative word. If this is taken too seriously, it can lead to depression. So letslaugh at whats going on and have some fun with it.

I didnt actually watch the so called national 'debate' - which someone aptly called the X-Factor of politics. I saw a snippet or two and it seems to me to be a complete charade. It can be very amusing watching it from that perspective. Its a bit like what Soviet Russia was like years ago where the Governemnt controlled the media so its laughable watching the news or reading 'pravda'

The focus, for me needs o be on responses to life rather than reactions (which usually end up as complaints)

So the idea is to create an idea which could in turn connect a worldwide collective of people who could give and take from the pool of ideas.

So the main idea is create a new political idea. (As far as I know it is new but perhaps not - I am sure someone will put me right) It could be called something like 'The Life Party' and the guiding principle would be 'supporting all of life in its many forms.' At first, I thought perhaps it could be called the humanity party. But that excludes non human life forms.
One of the biggest problems with 'democracy' is that only a tiny percentage of affected life forms vote for their leaders. And the decisions these leaders make (which of course are far from independent or impartial) effect billions of life forms. So only 40 million people vote here in the UK, but the Government they vote in makes decisions that profoundly affect billions of animals and othe living creatures, as well as billions of trees, plants and the soil from all over the world as well as billions of people all over the earth.

So I wonder what policies would be in place if the animals could vote ? If the trees and plants could vote ? If the soil could vote ? Or even if the children could vote ?

Back to the idea.

There would be a pool of ideas for policies that this 'life party' could offer and these parties could be set up in any country in the world. This could be particularly interesting in countries that have proportional representation (like Israel) because it would be possible to actually get people into 'power' by using things like youtube and facebook to spread the word.
The policies offered do not need to be what people would call 'realistic' because the purpose of these ventures would be much more about educating the masses that there are other ways of thinking. And anyway, it doesnt exactly look very likely at this time that a party like this could get into power, given the level of concioussness of the masses. (whatever that is)

Ideas for policies and principles


1. Supporting all life forms

2. Taking a long term view

3. Power of love over the love of power

4. Money and power create corruption - divorce the two.

Possible Guidelines

I think this could work without much or even any money. The ideas could be pooled online and youtube films could be made to explain things to people. If any money was involved it would need to b completely anonymously donated.

The Economy

From the point of view of the earth, trees, air, animals and majority of humans, it seems that they eceonomic system is destructive, especially in the long run.
Therefore , the life party would work explain this to people and then slowly dismantle the system making way for other ways of sharing the earth and its resources more fairly and compassionately.


It is estimated that there are currently around 50 million criminals at large in the UK. This is almost every adult. As there are hundreds of thousands of laws, statutes and bylaws, we have all broken one or two at least. We just haven’t been caught yet. This is a great way to keep the population under tight control using fear.
So the obvious way to cut crime, is to reduce the number of laws. A return to common law which everyone can understand would mean you will only commit a crime if you hurt someone else physically, steal/damage their property or are dishonourable in trade (whilst trade is still part of the ‘system’) This would mean that all prisoners who had committed victimless crimes would be released immediately.
This would of course mean that drugs would all become legal.
A human would be fully responsible for his/her body and therefore could choose to intake any type of herb or chemical they wished.Education programmes would be introduced so that people could make informed choices.

This will mean that we will be able to free people from Jail whilst lawyers will be able to spend more time with their families. There would need to be far less policing.

Judges would mainly have to come from the working class sector and many would have had criminal records so that they would understand what it is like for people who end up in court. These people would be trained and their training would be pretty simple given the return of common law which is straight forward.

The whole idea of Police would slowly be removed. In the interim, police 'officers' would return to their old Jobs of keepers of the peace as opposed to upholders of the law. Arrest would be renamed kidnapping and only be encouraged in extreme circumstances. Police people would be encouraged to manage conflict without kidnapping. The less kidnapping an officer did, the more likely he/she would be promoted. Police uniform would be changed to bright and cheerful colours and the only people who would be afraid of the Police would be those intent on hurting other people deliberately or stealing their property.


Once in ‘power’ ,The Life party candidate(s) would expose the mockery that is so called Democracy and propose to have the system dismantled as soon as possible. In the interim, ‘leaders’ would need to have certain qualifications. They would certainly have to be hounded and persuaded to be leaders as they would have a natural deep distrust of the idea of anybody leading another. They would be acquainted with the power of love over the love of power. There would be no hierarchy as all leaders would be answerable to God and the people only. Eventualy, A benevolent dictator would be proposed, more than likely a woman, and this woman would not dream of taking any money for the job and would employ a whole team of people whose job it would be to ensure to the best of their abilities that no group of people is able to influence the leader. Also this woman will still be fully in touch with her femininity unlike most female politicians today.

Any leader and his/her colleaugues would be required to have some sort of therapy several times a week to ensure the best chance of maximum self awareness.Without self awareness, human beings open themselves up for manipulation. If I am not aware why I do something, i am open to manipulation by others. it would also be necessary for leaders to spend a minimum of a few hours a week alone or with immediate family in a natural setting.

It would probably be recommended that in order to best create wonderfully creative healthy humans , as well as serve all life forms, central governments would need to be disbanded making way for local communities to make decisions. Anybody deciding on something like education would obviously need to have lots of experience in schools, unlike today where a government minister for education can have absolutely no experience in education.

Laws regarding Advertising

Advertising would be severely limited if not banned outright. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that advertising leads to mental health problems. If advetising were permitted, there would be a comittee of psychologists who would vet the adverts on the basis of whether or not they support or destroy human life (minds) So, for example, any advertisements which would attempt to use a womans body to sell a product would of course be disallowed.



The Ministry of Defence would be renamed the Ministry of Attack so as to reflect reality a bit more accurately. After all, since World War 2, how many times has the British army actually defended Britain and how many times has it been involved in ‘pre-emptive’ attacks ?! If you share the goodies out more fairly, there will be no need to defend anything.

Slowly, it would be dismantled. ijn its place there would be a ministry of peace and a ministry of Love. These ministries would be populated by people who had experience crating peace and love both in their own homes and in the world. They would consist perhaps of people with experience of conflict resolution.


The NHS would be renamed the NSS – The National Sickness Service. This would eventually be dismantled and disentangled from the Pharmaceutical Industry as people learned that they can take care of their health by changing their lifestyles and eating habits and by using natural herbs which God claims he placed all over nature. Alternatives to Allopathic medicine would be available to the public in the same way as allopathic medicine is today.


Whilst ownership was still around, these people would of course be free to build environmentally friendly structures (Yurts, mud/clay houses/domes) on their own property (unlike the current situation where they need a permit ! People would be offered a sizeable patch of land which they would have to use to grow their own fruits and vegetables. They could sell the excess tax free. The dismantling of the economy will of course benefit the environment immensely.


Once people begin to realise that this economic system has to go, most of the education dealt out to young people will become irrelevant. Most schools will therefore be closed and replaced with learning clubs. There would be no need for teachers any more. There would be a limited number of adults present at these learning clubs just to facilitate the young people. The young people would not sit at desks in the main and would not be segregated by age. Instead they would learn the subjects of their choice in groups. It would also be recognised that the younger the person, the purer the soul and thus the youngest toddlers would be observed in order to learn wisdom from them. The purpose of these learning clubs would be to bring out the best of each young person. The subjects learned will ultimately be up to the young people but they would include life skills. They might include, how to grow your own food, how to manage conflict, how to create your own reality, how to time travel. A young person could choose to focus on art or sport or martial arts or drama. Thinking for yourself would come back into fashion. It would also be recognised that the younger the person, the purer the soul and more open the mind and thus the youngest toddlers would be observed in order to learn wisdom from them. The finest adult minds would be invited to spend time at these clubs simply observing and learning.


Popplemouse said...

Nice ideas I like the choice of a way of life in your Environment section and for that alone the the party should be renamed The Good Life Party (old TV prog springs to mind) and I'm all for that!

The rest I haven't a clue as it seems all of that stuff happens too other people on a box in my living room and so in a weird way it feels some how not real to me.

Juka said...

Great post Danny, that's just it, instead of making "remedies" for "problems", just eliminate the problem, blatantly - free people from bureaucracy! Love Popplemouse's comment about "someone in a box" :DD

Anonymous said...

You've Got my vote!

Everything Is OK (Love Police Scotland) said...

Hi Danny. I know it's unrelated to this post but could you tell me what the text was on the flyers you were handing out on the EOK videos.. Thanks.

Popplemouse said...

Why copy? you are not yourselves if you emulate an image.

Everything Is OK (Love Police Scotland) said...

Popplemouse- What do you mean by copy? Not quite sure what you mean...

danny shine said...

i will post it here for a day or two so you can see a copy.

Nunzio said...

hello there danny.. this is nunzio..
i've bumped into you a couple of times down in camden and the most recent being today at inspiral...

i'm glad you didn't just give me your contact details because i enjoyed reading this article...

the force of change is constant and i believe anything is possible so long as it is perceived and then moved through the energy hierarchy up to action..

i would like to contribute and develop visual ideas with or for you as i feel this will provide another format in which messages of power, love and clarity can be digested..

i'm good at creating strong images and i'd love to talk more as and when your ready... maybe over a smoothie?
my email is
my work can be found at



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