Sunday, April 25, 2010

Politics and God

The God Party

WARNING : Please do not believe a word of this. It is politics after all.

What with the upcoming elections in the Uk, I have been wondering lately what God would have to say about it all.

As if by magic, God came to me in a dream last night. (to be honest, I am not entirely sure it wasn’t my wife. The voice was female and anyway, my wife is almost always right about things)

God told me that She has decided to enter politics after many years of standing by and watching. It’s a very dirty game, hence the great reluctance to get involved but things are now getting a little out of hand, and She has been struggling with forgiving the politicians and bankers. So instead of complaining, she has decided to enter the game but on her terms.She refuses to pay a deposit. Firstly, She owns everything anyway. Secondly, She sees that money corrupts the mind and therefore must be separate from decisions leaders make. She also refuses to have a marketing budget, because marketing is dressing up the truth. The truth doesn’t need to be marketed just like air doesn’t need to be. Only obnoxious drinks like Coke need to be marketed. If Coke was so good, why all that money on marketing ?
She decided to call it The God Party because her intention would be that it would indeed be a party and anyone involved would be encouraged to have fun. After all , that was her intention when She created this place.

She is also aware that there are other Gods in this game. The most powerful one is Money.


Below is the manifesto She has asked me to pass on to you. Please remember that She is looking at things from a rather long term perspective (infinity to be precise) unlike your current politicians!

The Economy

This will have to be dismantled. When the God Party gets into ‘power’ (interesting phrase don’t you think!) there will be a propaganda program set up to explain to the people why this current system is destroying most of life, from the plant and animal life to the life (and souls) of the majority of humans on the planet. Once this is understood, you will find new ways of sharing resources on your planet more equitably with each other and other life forms.


It is estimated that there are currently around 50 million criminals at large in the UK. This is almost every adult. As there are hundreds of thousands of laws, statutes and bylaws, we have all broken one or two at least. We just haven’t been caught yet. So the obvious way to cut crime, is to reduce the number of laws. This will mean that we will be able to free people from Jail whilst lawyers will be able to spend more time with their families. God intends to go back to basics. We will return to common law which everyone can understand. You will only commit a crime if you hurt someone else physically, steal/damage their property or are dishonourable in trade (whilst trade is still part of the ‘system’) This would mean that all prisoners who had committed victimless crimes would be released immediately.


Once in ‘power’ ,The God party propaganda machine would expose the mockery that is so called Democracy and propose to have the system dismantled as soon as possible. In the interim, ‘leaders’ would need to have certain qualifications. They would certainly have to be hounded and persuaded to be leaders as they would have a natural deep distrust of the idea of anybody leading another. They would be acquainted with the power of love over the love of power. There would be no hierarchy as all leaders would be answerable to God and the people only. A benevolent dictator would be proposed, more than likely a woman, and this woman would not dream of taking any money for the job and would employ a whole team of people whose job it would be to ensure to the best of their abilities that no group of people is able to influence the leader. Also this woman will still be fully in touch with her femininity unlike most female politicians today.


God has said that the whole idea of countries was made up a long time ago and isn’t real. She has also noted that you British people seem happy enough to buy their fruit and veg from Supermarkets . She sees the ‘foreigners’ who have to pick them all and they are like slaves. The same applies for most of the products they buy made by Chinese slaves. Or for those that clean your houses or work in your badly paid jobs. It’s a bit difficult to justify allowing all this slavery yet disallowing these same people to benefit from this country ! God suspects that once you let them into your country , after a while they’ll realize its not quite as good as they were led to believe it was ! Also, it would be a good incentive to treat other countries fairly so that their people could remain there rather than sell their souls to serve the rich who often steal their resources.


God has suggested renaming The Ministry of Defence - the Ministry of Attack so as to reflect reality a bit more accurately. After all, since World War 2, how many times has the British army actually defended Britain and how many times has it been involved in ‘pre-emptive’ attacks ?! If you share the goodies out more fairly, there will be no need to defend anything.


Again, God suggests renaming the NHS – to the NSS – The National Sickness Service. This would eventually be dismantled and disentangled from the Pharmaceutical Industry as people learned that they can take care of their health by changing their lifestyles and eating habits and by using natural herbs which God claims he placed all over nature.


God suggests that humans who care most about the environment should be given as much help as possible. Whilst ownership was still around, these people would of course be free to build environmentally friendly structures (Yurts, mud/clay houses/domes) on their own property (unlike the current situation where they need a permit ! The dismantling of the economy will of course benefit the environment immensely.

Civil Liberties

Part of Gods propaganda machine will attempt to explain why civil liberties are so important and how they are being eroded by the current system.


God apologises to the fervent religious folk, but these religions are going to have to be disbanded. She says that some of her favourite and most refined humans are religious, however religions have given her such a bad name, that She is now embarrassed to appear in public and has to stick to appearing in peoples dreams ! She would consider making an exception – after all Buddhism seems quite cute and peaceful and some say its not really a religion.


Once people begin to realise that this economic system has to go, most of the education dealt out to young people will become irrelevant. Most schools will therefore be closed and replaced with learning clubs. There would be no need for teachers any more. There would be a limited number of adults present at these learning clubs just to facilitate the young people. The young people would not sit at desks in the main and would not be segregated by age. Instead they would learn the subjects of their choice in groups. It would also be recognised that the younger the person, the purer the soul and thus the youngest toddlers would be observed in order to learn wisdom from them. The purpose of these learning clubs would be to bring out the best of each young person. The subjects learned will ultimately be up to the young people but they would include life skills. They might include, how to grow your own food, how to manage conflict, how to create your own reality, how to time travel. A young person could choose to focus on art or sport or martial arts or drama. Thinking for yourself would come back into fashion. It would also be recognised that the younger the person, the purer the soul and more open the mind and thus the youngest toddlers would be observed in order to learn wisdom from them. The finest adult minds would be invited to spend time at these clubs simply observing and learning.


As a footnote, God has been working hard over the years, forgiving everyone. She even forgives bankers and politicians although She admits that even for her, this has been a stretch.

Further Information

God tries to avoid any recommendations other than going on an inner journey to find your own truth. However, if you would like a little help on the way, try the following…..


The New Earth – Eckhart Tolle
Anastasia by Vladimir Megre

Films and clips worth a watch – (be warned though – they may shock you)
Gods favourite comedians - Search youtube for Bill Hicks and George Carlin
Search youtube for the film ‘The Green Beautiful’
Youtube ‘everything is ok’
Search google videos for ‘CENTRUY OF THE SELF’’ ‘EARTHLINGS’ , ‘POWER OF NIGHTMARES’ , ‘THE TRAP’ (4 separate films)

How To vote for the God party

As mentioned, God felt that money and leadership cannot mix so She has refused to pay a deposit, so you won’t find this party on the ballot box. If you want to vote for the God party, simply write it in at the bottom of the form and tick it. Believe me (says God) you will be making more of a difference this way (in ways that may not be known to you) than you would if you vote for any party on the form.


AlexFate said...

It seems god (with a small g) talks in a language you understand Danny... ;-)

Leo said...


Leo said...


Conrad said...

indeed everything IS ok

Thijs said...

Thanks Danny for some inspirational words and a good laugh! If the God Party decides to also take power in the Netherlands (where I live,) She can count on my vote for sure.

Hope you're good,


MRPopplemouse said...

Hope Her names not Margaret.

Anonymous said...

hey danny, liked this post and all your vids.
Your work is really inspiring to me.

I contact you this way because i feel to give something back (if im able to...). I totally agree with your view on fear but i like to share my point of view.

Ive asked myself what is life about and for me its Experience. Fear is experienced totally subjectively and you could easily be afraid of even leaving your home. Imagine how this would effect your range of choises and experiences your able to make.

Death to me means not beeing able to make new experiences anymore so the more youre afraid of something the less youre attracting "life", just like you said it depends on what your focussing on...

I think you cannot control fear, but you can controll how you experience reality.

Having fear not to look like the models in the advertisements is the same fear beeing afraid of something could happen to your life like dying by a plane crash(i once was afraid of that). Its just a STORY arround something someone(maybe yourself) have told you.

But fear is intended to be felt in the moment, if you getting beaten or something like that.

I think this (the ability to hold ourself i a state of fear) is was keeps us away from reaching our full potential and experiencing live as it was intended to be.


Anonymous said...

in short:
dont make up storys about what could happen, expect the best (law of attraction) and experience what happen.

Now life for me feels much better - ive understood most time i was afraid of was simply not true.

Anonymous said...

This post is brilliant, beautiful and made me laugh. Thankyou! - Neil the trumpeter.

playonwords said...

Refreshing post and so profound in its simplicity. Good to see you make a written appearance.

Hope you and your family are doing well.


Dean said...

haha! Nice one Danny, made me laugh too.

Here's a link to some video work we did with the Love Police Scotland in Edinburgh this weekend.. you may recognise some familiar words and phrases Danny..
meaning, HAHA! we nicked some of your best lines..thanks for the inspiration, if it hadn't been for your videos, this wouldn't be up on youtube.
Love to all.

Video is on youtube under "Love Police Scotland" this is the link..

Occidental said...

Dear Danny,

Couldn't find an email adress for you so just hoping you'll read this as a comment!

I'm an art student at Oxford Brookes University and I'm getting in touch because a few students are making work based on some of the ideas from 'everything is ok'. I'm planning some events for our degree show and it seemed fitting that I would invite you to come along for a 'discussion' (or anything this else you would prefer to do).

You could come along anytime during the degree show week which is May 14th - 21st and I'd be happy to pay for any travel costs.

please let me know,

many thanks,

Jon (

arlenes said...

You know how real politics is when you try and explain it to your 3 year old daughter. I can explain a tree, but politics, nuh.