Friday, July 23, 2010

Interviewing MPs

I have an idea. I would like to interview any MPs from any party and ask them unusual questions without them having a chance to plan their answers.

The best way to attempt this is for me to write to every MP and request an interview.

I have been playing with how to word an email. Perhaps along the lines of ...

'Dear ...

I am an independent film maker/commentator. The unusual aspect of what I do is that it is not for money at all. The intention is that it is for the good of humanity or dare I say all life forms on this planet.

I was hanging around Parliament during and after the elections and I noticed what a circus the media has become. We have all these highly intelligent journalists who are unfortunately restrained heavily in what they can ask. They desperately try and get interviews with MPs, especially cabinet members and because they dont want to 'burn their bridges' they try not to ask anything that might be really challenging for that MP to answer. So the reporting turns into a game which is either meaningless or worse, deeply manipulative.

I am seeking out brave and honest MPs who would be up for a challenge and would be prepared to do an interview , perhaps 30-45 mins long with someone like myself. I will be asking very different questions from the ones normally asked but I hope it will be a very satisfying and useful exercise for you and for the viewers rather than just watching MPs put on an act.

Please let me know if you would be prepared to participate.

yours sincerely
Danny Shine

I intend to send this to my local MP but dont have the time or will to send it to all MPS but perhaps some of you readers could adjust the letter and send it to your local MP ?

Let me know your thoughts.


Kroaky said...

So would you come down to Southampton if my local MP accepted?

Tomjd said...

I'll definitley forward it if you're happy for me to do so, perhaps I could conduct the interview if you we all decided on a question list or something to that affect. The idea as a whole I think is cool :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea not sure if my MP (Zac Goldsmith) would go for it though but it's a great idea.

The Free Advice Man said...

I will write a couple of pages worth of stuff that will be of specific help/interest to you.

The Free Advice Man said...

By the way; I've thought of that same idea for over two decades now!Pretty much since I made my mark as The Free Advice Man. Obviously the BIG BUSINESS Commercialist Mass Media are no different than Coca-Cola in relation to any small newcomer who might try to get some shelf-space in the supermarkets! That is to say: the BIG BUSINESS Commercialist Mass Media deliberately send signals to the politicians not to engage us 'little people' who might want to conduct mind-expanding journalism...the kind of journalism that journalism originally was! Benjamin Franklin; we need you! Thomas Jefferson wrote extensively about these issues and foresaw the threat! Unfortunately the majority of the world are easily distracted. Which is why we need "The Positive Moderator" newspaper! Motto: "All The News That Won't Confuse!"

Mr Spinoza said...

Great idea but they would never be allowed to take you up on your offer.
Have you noticed that in the controlled Mass media no one is asking the really important question regarding the so-called national deficit. Just who do we owe this money to.
To get the answer you have to go and read or listen to David Icke. Those in control of the world set up the banking system, they deliberately cause recessions, depressions etc this is because they have enslaved humanity.

``Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.''
Richard Salant, former President of CBS News

"The news and Truth are not the same thing."
Walter Lippmann, American journalist, 1889-1974

``People shouldn't expect the mass media to do investigative stories. That job
belongs to the 'fringe' media.”
Ted Koppel

racheljayne24 said...

This sounds interesting :) x Can we have a taster of what your thinking of asking ? x