Friday, November 22, 2013

A Message for Russell Brand - the text

This is a warning. Listening to the sounds and watching the images on the screen could lead you into a trance state of love. It could melt all your defences leaving you open to what is being said here.

By now we may have already lost some people.  Those people probably do not pay much attention to the meaning of words – the words they use. They don’t know how important the meanings are.

Take the word trance. Webster definesit amongst other things as a ‘half-conscious state, seemingly between sleeping and waking, in which ability to function voluntarily may be suspended’

How many of us can say that this does not apply to me right now? How many of us can say that I function voluntarily? How many of us are not in a state of trance – a trance which tells me that I have to hang on to everything especially my money?

So this is an attempt to undo the trance you are in already. To de-hypnotise you.

You are free to turn this off at any time. If you choose to listen and watch that is your choice and nobody has forced you.

This is a message to Russel Brand and anyone else who has got this far.

Before I begin, the reason that I have not got my face up on this – is to do with anonymity. Russel – you know anonymity, which is not about hiding – it’s about putting principles before personalities.

For me, laughing away the system is the only way I can cope with looking at the monster head on; the only way I can open myself to the possibility that something vey different is going on – very different from what we are trained to believe or taught.

So lets create a fellowship of creatives, get some tokens behind us and start really hitting hard with our creativity. I and a few friends alone have more  ideas than we could possibly implement on our own. We need artists and musicians, poets and comedians, rappers and cameramen, Muslims and Jews, Christians and Hindus, Atheists and Agnostics, Gay and straight and confused. Right brainers and left brainers. We need academics and non academics. We need dreamers and people who manifest dreams. Anarchists and statists. Ok maybe saying we need statists is taking it a bit too far.

So lets talk about the uncomfortable bit . Money.

** Russel – you and others speak about a redistribution of wealth. Just a reminder that there is already a massive redistribution of wealth taking place right now.  From the poor and middle classes to the rich and stinking rich.

So if we want to see it redistributed the other way, don’t we have to start by demonstrating that letting go is scary but healthy and feels powerful when we do it? If we want the billionaires and trillionaires to let go, don’t we also have to let go?

** This is an invitation to you Russel, to Sting and other celebrities who were meant to have woken up, and to all of us, myself included, to let go of 10% of something. Could be a weeks income, a month, a year - could be 10% of liquid assets. And it means our letting go of control of that money.

What you do with that money is your decision. Lets not forget, its only IOU notes or digits on a screen. However whatever money is collected in this particular fund, will be used for creative projects. I commit to putting into the pot 10% of something mentioned above –I haven’t decided which one yet.

And we’ll create small groups of creatives and put it to good use. Having fun will be a top priority! And of course there will be a subversive message in all that we do. Each project will be paving the way for a metamorphosis to a new yet unknown system, slowly easing away the strings from those who currently pull them - those so in need of our love and compassion – the parasitic class many of whom are very unwell.

We have been entranced to hold on to our money because of our programming of fear. We are already in that trance. This is a different trance. One that may restore our ability to act voluntarily.

I don’t want to make this too easy. After all, we are being invited to make a conscious voluntary choice to let go of 10% of something. I don’t want to entice you by making it too easy to contribute. If you want to contribute, contact me. Lets avoid having to pay PayPal a large chunk and a crowdfunding site another chunk. They have enough money already.

If we knew the truth, which is that I am beyond all division, that we are all one family and that there are no strangers on earth we would know that by giving we give to ourselves.

In a moment you will bring your focus of attention back to your surroundings and you will be back there, ready to give.


Anonymous said...

Hi Danny , wanted to chat but today but you had to dash ,you asked me if i was in a trance and i answered no ! The chap who watches your vids ,Thought i look up the definition as soon as got home and now id like to answer again.Early in they year whilst being processed by the the county courts i spotted a glitch in the matrix shortly after spotting the floor i began to wake i think i was ejected?,it feels like ive woken in a dark room confused and im searching for door... the bit that leads me to think maybe i am in a half woken state is i can still see my family and freinds but i cant i no longer interact with them its like im a ghost in the room and the x factors on .. and i cant be heard does the dark room have a door and if i go through i will i still see my loved ones on the other side .

Love Confused

fuzzy said...

at last, Charlie Vietch had some right on his behalf, hasn't him?