Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Charlie's 911 u-turn part 2 (part 1 is on youtube!)

Reading some of the comments on my last video about Charlie’s u-turn has led me to think that perhaps I should stick to what I do best – performing with my megaphone and signs and interviewing/interacting with random people.

But I just felt I wanted one more stab at this subject.

I have been accused of various things here, Self indulgence, having a big ego and missing the point of peoples’ questions.

I am indeed self-indulgent. I am not sure if that is a crime but if it is, I plead guilty. I also do have an ego. Actually, I am not really sure if there is such a thing. Its just a word trying to describe a concept. But if it does exist I sure have one. And there seem to be various schools of thought as to how to relate to this concept in others and myself. Some say get rid of it completely. Others say embrace it.

With regards to the final point about my missing the point, I think that comment is also accurate. People were asking my thoughts about Charlie, not because they worship my every word but simply because they think that because I was in partnership so to speak with Charlie, perhaps I have some information which would explain his change of mind which they find difficult to understand.

I think I did miss the point. This is because I am very sensitive to the whole guru worship thing. It is really the last thing that I want because it seems to me that it is not healthy for anyone involved.

I must say that since I have been doing this, the overwhelming majority of people that recognise me and come up to me on the streets do not do so with some sense of being star struck but instead they just seem happy to meet me and often express that the films touched them or inspired them to do something etc. I do feel very uncomfortable when people ask to have a photo with me and I often attempt to discourage them. So this fear affects the way I perceive things which should explain the previous video to some extent.

I actually don’t know Charlie that well. I am not even sure I know anyone well enough to explain how their mind works. Most importantly, I don't even know how my own mind works so I simply do not understand his change of mind. The films we made together did not mention 911 to my knowledge so perhaps its really none of business.

Even though I don’t know him, I do have experience of being in the limelight and it has some very big downsides for me. If I could do what I do in disguise like the anti terrorist, I would. It really messes with the mind. I have all these people adoring me or adoring the IMAGE they have of me in their mind, others hate me (eg the police bike video in which people wished I would die in an accident) and people accusing me of all sorts of other things – being patronising, condescending etc. Its enough to drive anyone crazy in a mad world to start with. I can only imagine what Charlie is going through right now and it can't be pleasant. People sit behind their keyboards in the safety of their homes and fire off vindictive comments, most if not all of which are projections and don't seem to be aware that there is a human being on the receiving end just trying to make head or tail of things.

When I notice myself attacking someone, if I have enough awareness to catch myself in the act, I notice almost always that I am 'being' what I despise. Not the most healthy way of being.


Anonymous said...

I understand where you are coming from and also try to hear both sides so to hear from Mr Veitch's own lips he is doing a film/documentary with the BBC and u-turned on 9/11 well, baffles me to say the least.
I do not claim to know all, I know very little but what I know for sure is even if 9/11 and 7/7 were not 'inside jobs' then the powers that be had some prior knowledge of the events due to training exercises to the exact copy of the events as they unfolded.
I wish people would stop asking you these questions, they should use their own judgement and follow themselves but i guess they look to you for answers for the very reasons you have kindly outlined.

Peace, love and protection to you and those you cherish.

Johnny Jamrag-facebook

Anonymous said...

Sorry, that was my old account. It's johnny ramjet...facebook

Red Dawn said...

Maybe you could expand in a part 3 or follow up with your own views about the false-flagginess of 9/11?

Personally, I will be disregarding all my former questions and conclusions to follow Mr. Veich (a.k.a. Damian Rockefeller) into the brave old BBC-zombified world of obeisance to authority.

If someone tells me bin Laden did it for the millionth time and I can't find the evidence lying casually around NYC 10 years later, well pin a Rumsfield/Cheney icon on me and send me out to calm the herd.

suziecreamchease said...

i think most people are missing the point..

it is the BBC who have the most credibility with the most people and who also point out the facts which when looked at put government in a bad light..

so it is the BBC who are bigger anarchists than the rest of us put together...

The Free Advice Man said...

We are all like snowflakes drifting in the wind....some of us are more unique on the surface, but we're all the same deep within!

The Universe and World around us are one half of what shapes our outer selves while the force of goodness deep within us reacts to these external forces; and it is the meeting of these two forces that give us our unique outer shells!

Our Souls desire to be at One with All that is Truly Loving, Kind, Understanding and Accepting...for our Souls are of the same Eternal Source as the Souls of all Creatures big and small; but our Living Bodies and the World upon which they depend is Imperfect and presents ever-changing situations: some which are Challenging Opportunities to Grow and become Enlightened to the Eternal Truths that our Souls knew countless times before...and had to forget to be able to be reborn again and gaze in awe at IT ALL!...and some which are Unpleasant Obstacles and potentially Lethal Threats! It is the truly Wise Person who understands all this without having to rely on pre-existing Dogma and Ideologies!

Your particular desire to be able to Impact upon the the hope that you might make it better, for yourself and others, and in the need to feel some legitimate sense of Empowerment in a World that is too often ruled by people whose false sense of Power is gained at the expense of countless Other People...and yet your desire to be Unseen and Anonymous is due to your upbringing and your inklings as to the nature of H'SH'M. For if We are truly created in H'SH'M's Spiritual "IMAGE" ( actually the right word is "LIGHT" ) then it only natural that We should seek to be at ONE with H'SH'M by Being As Much Alike to H'SH'M as We can possibly be!

Alas; this Life-long Quest for Greater Oneness and Acceptance, i.e. LOVE, must Truly Begin with Accepting the LOVE that is Already Being Shared! And even the most Lonely, Wretched of Us can Accept the LOVE of H'SH'M.

The Fear and Anxiety that We may feel, some of Us sometimes Too Often so; is the Fear and Anxiety of being Rejected and Un-Loved! And it is this Fear and Anxiety that wrecks havoc on Our Lives; on our Brains and Bodies and the People around Us!

To rid Ourselves of this Fear and Anxiety We must Truly allow Others to share our LOVE, vice versa! And Acts of Genuine Kindness, both Material and Spiritual, are The Only Way to Self-Empowerment, to the Real Power; the Power of the Force of LOVE that, IF WE ALL WOULD GENUINELY SEEK AND ACCEPT IT, would bring about World Peace, Health and Sustainable Prosperity!

Blessed are Those of my friends who accept me in my imperfection! Cursed by their own negativity (no need for me to curse them: for it is neither my right nor my will to do so) are those who reject the Real Me on account of: 1. Who I am not able to be. 2. Who I would never want to be. 3. Who I may YET be able to be! For it is by Being True to our Innermost Self that We can ever be FREE! And without True FREEDOM, i.e. Inner Freedom, Outer Social Freedom is impossible! To be FREE to BE YOUR TRUE SELF does not come from Imposing the Force of Your Own Insecurities on Others! DO UNTO OTHERS AS THEY TRULY WANT or LEAVE THEM BE!

"May The Stars Shine in Your Favour as Soon as You Dare to See Their True Light!" - JP Fenyo, The Free Advice Man.

Anonymous said...

It is often through discussion with others that we are able to challenge and find validity or questions on our own views.

You have done something quite brave and provided your opinions for others to use as a tool to challenge their own opinions and left yourself open to the whole host of humanity that use the internet as an anonymous tool to vent their frustration.

To paraphrase the anti-terrorist, please stay part of the conversation.

More specifically, it seems odd to me that people would ask you about someone else's choices, almost like they desire your validation. I say if Charlie has evidence that produces conclusive answers, let him present it to us himself.


Barny (KrakkersBB)

amanda veitch said...

Hi Danny,
I don't remember the early films with Charlie having anything to do with conspiracy theories, or the truth movement. It's a bit unfair then to condemn Charles for merely changing his mind about something. People are free to have their own opinions about anything and everything.
It was all light hearted, and fun. Now it seems that the Great British public in the true spirit of Sun readers having a pop at Charlie for no real reason.
Let's just get on with getting on and leave Charles be.

Fragmat said...

Hey Danny, its fragmat (john) from the Utube.
I hear you when you apologise for not "understanding", thats ok mate and I can't expect you to think about how everyone may feel, even the great shine can't don that LOL sorry bad joke :p just trying to make you smile :D
For me and let face it I did loose th plot in my rant, for me you give people hope and I can imagine the pressure of that is immense because I know you enough to say danny believes in what he is doing and IMO you are learning via self expression to which I wish more people would try.
I think J.P puts it very well when he says "Your particular desire to be able to Impact upon the the hope that you might make it better, for yourself and others, and in the need to feel some legitimate sense of Empowerment in a World that is too often ruled by people whose false sense of Power is gained at the expense of countless Other People"
I'm sorry if I came across badly danny, maybe jen and I can catch you in person again and you'll get and even bigger hug next time.
All our love,
john and jenny, love light and healing ;))

Dave Webb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Divide and conquer as most always their strategy. Stop whining amongst yourselves about your theories of 9/11 (or not), and start pressing for the prosecution of Bush and Blair for fabricating evidence of WMD, and murdering nearly one million innocents.
I think that this would be far easier to prove than some of the other theories I hear floating around.

informationretrieval said...

Danny, I think many feel that Charlie has fired off some really vindictive comments towards them and wanted to know what you think about that. He has used inflammatory language which seems really out of character towards a lot of honest people that have done some serious research into 911 and have lots of serious questions. (including first responders and 911 widows) To label us as all as belonging to a cult, church of conspiracy was a real kick in the teeth, HE seemed to be unaware that there were human beings on the receiving end when he attacked those that do not buy the official version and demand answers to 911. I and many others donated to charlie we shared his video's. Can you understand why some of us are disappointed with him?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the topic of 'the ego' you might want to try out the Book "The new Earth" by Eckart Tolle. It may just help you along a bit.

Lots of Love and Respect from who is commonly known as Tobias ;)

Anonymous said...

Danny i think you are wright to a point
i had no right to some of the comments i personalty made towards mr v and will apologize but i fear that when you mix money and guru-ship it is a accident waiting to happen .

Dreamweaver said...

This whole business reminds me of the scene in The Life of Brian, where Brian tells the crowds that they don't get it, that they're all individuals and don't need to follow anyone - and the crowd chant back "Yes, we're all individuals!" ;-)

Please, people, try to get what Danny is saying here. And what Charlie is saying too, especially in his latest video.

A lot of people put Charlie on a pedestal because they thought he was something he wasn't and then got angry with him when they discovered that he wasn't who they wanted him to be.

This expression of cartoon-like anger over the "cult" comments is a case in point. Don't you guys realise that you're acting EXACTLY like cult members when you do this? Don't you get it? Charlie was talking about people acting like they are in a cult - and right on cue, you start frothing at the mouth and prove his point!

Everyone has to work it out for themselves, not follow leaders. If people at least learn that lesson from this shambles, then at least some good will have come out of it.

Dreamweaver said...

My comments above were aimed at people who have been commenting on this issue in general, not necessarily at anyone who has commented here on Danny's blog. Just thought I'd better make that clear.

Steve M Nash said...

Richard Bach wrote this great book called Illusions - The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.

The beginning story, hand-written, sums up rather beautfully the issues with CV and those that choose to 'follow' CV...

As for me, I'm interested in what Charlie (and you) have to say, but ONLY because it gets ME to think a bit more.

I like the idea, for example, that the moon might be artificially created. Wow, I would never have had tht thought (whether it's true or not, doesn't matter - to me, anyway)...



Anonymous said...

There have been various comments on the videos about 9/11. In fact the very first video you made tougher when you two met you made a remark about 911.

John Payne said...

And God said it is not good for man to be alone.

When I first saw C.V.s U-turn video what I experienced was akin to grief. I suffered a loss. Not a quantifiable loss but the loss of an imaginary friend who was using Charlie's name but was more like me in belief and opinion. The video exposed the frailty of imaginary friends. Predictably, loss begot anger. My anger was, however, short lived due to the wisdom of my partner, who showed me why I was feeling let down.
I hope the real Charlie is well and despite all, having fun. I wish him nothing but love and look forward to enjoying many more videos from him.
Danny, I can't thank you enough for your rigorous honesty and humility. I enjoy your work so much. Also my imaginary friend Danny S. says hi.
Om Mani Padme Hum

Ian Irwin said...

The hate and vitriol that some people have spouted at Charlie since his change of mind really just illustrates their own insecurity, and demonstrates them to be completely bereft of any ability to speak or think constructively. It shows a complete lack of tolerance to other people's views - they become what they hate. Shame on them.

If Charlie has changed his mind then fine. He hasn't changed yours or mine. Just his. You should love that he can do that, and feels able to say so. We are all unique, individual, divine human beings, free to think and act how we please within the Common Law.

No-one really wants to know the truth - you couldn't handle the truth...

Best wishes to you Danny and everyone who reads this.

Paul said...

Well said Danny!
I wonder if 'Free Speech' is all it's cracked up to be.
If we are not judged and suppressed by our servants [turned masters] then our peers often want blood and violence if an opinion happens to disagree with another's.
How can we free ourselves of Global tyranny and control if so many people exhibit the same traits within themselves?
"Be the change you want to see in the world?" I guess some people still want a world of hate and fear.
PS. Go and see Richard Gage present for Architects and Engineers for 911 truth and form your own opinion - don't worry about anybody elses.

Anonymous said...

I haven't really got an opinion about any of this.

Anonymous said...

Dear danny, keep up the good work. I will have x amount more time to properly watch and digest your videos now that I have abandoned your old friend's subscription.
I do not HATE him I wish him peace. but I will admit that his most recent video has really really disturbed me, and I do not believe anything wholesome comes out of that degree of mindfucking.

Please Danny if you get the chance to have a quiet serious adult word with him in some peaceful and ancient countryside he might calm down a bit.

I have never been overtly dogmatically religious but all of your videos Danny are pretty wholesome (even the few I find a bit woolly (just don’t let em get to Camden Lock a la the league of gentlemen sketch)for my rather over analytical/rational tastes) but I have learnt things from this channel,
but there was an unpleasant feeling enduced by the damien confesses video over on cveitch channel

I think charlie needs tempering by your age and wisdom.

on the other hand I may be interfering and if so I apologize, I can at least conceive that there may be many valid reasons why this would not be possible for you.

if so I am sorry for intefering. and waffling on.

I suppose it has just all been summed up by a comment somebody wrote on the damien video which ended by paraphrasing the John Lennon lyric "the dream is over" and that is kind of how a lot of people feel about this whole
confusing thing, thinking back to those glorious halcyon days of sunny summer 09 when I first saw you and charlie together in that video when you opened that poster in front of
that security guard and said "It is not a protest it is simply a sign which says you must move to the left" or something like that, those early videos got me motivated and happy, and
reinforced my optimism for getting involved in local healthy and beneficial projects. oh dear i'm rambling on but yes the dream is over, at least on cveitch it seems to have taken a dark turn, maybe I have just drunk to much strong coffee and am over reacting.

Ultimately this all stems for my massive distrust of the BBC since when have they ever admitted any kind of mistake or misjudgement...Answer is hardly bloomin ever. I don't trust them and their arrogance.
I now worry for that boy.

PS I know I am a bit behind the bus on this, but do take regular sabbaticals from what is rapidly becoming the cultural wasteland of the internet.

Back to watching symphonies on youtube I think for now would be the best thing for a while for me.

Anyway best wishes all.


Antony and his Dragon Fly said...

hey Danny, I'm just checking in with you I'm following your blog now, last spoke to you quite a while ago

Anonymous said...

Charlie Veitch also deletes and bans people for NO REASON, comments that are NOT critical of him, perfectly harmless comments have been removed. You can believe that or not - that's your prerogative - but the fact remains a fact.

If Charlie has no concern for how others feel when he censors them for NO REASON, then don't write an article about how poor old Charlie feels now that he's on the receiving end of some unpleasantness.

I gave Charlie the opportunity to explain his gratuitous censoring and he completely ignored me, couldn't care less.

What goes around comes around.

Charlie did, after all, attack people for no reason, calling them "paranoid", "dogmatic", etc. He now claims to know for certain that 9/11 was carried out by "islamists with a revolutionary hatred of the west", and perhaps also Russia, China and Iran. Where's his evidence for this? He is the one being paranoid and dogmatic, but so long as his story agrees with what Bush said, no one is allowed to accuse him of such.

Your article was meant to be about Charlie's change of mind, as opposed to the "public's vindictiveness"

Maybe Charlie changed his mind because I told him that his hero, Noam Chomsky, said people who believe 9/11 was an inside job - as Charlie does (did!) - have "ISSUES".

A few weeks (or, at least, a fair bit) later, Charlie comes out with 9/11 was NOT an inside job and those who say so have issues. Curious!

Kevin Spamdagger said...

I thought his and your earlier material was very good and hitting the mark, then imagine my surprise to find he'd done a 180 on the 9/11 thing.

My guess is that he (1) prefers fame and money to having a conscience and has accepted an offer from the BBC of some kind. Or (2) Was a NWO plant from the beginning. Or (3) Is a very confused and insecure young man.

Either way, his tricks have damaged (only temporarily) the credibility of 'alternative' theories of the cause of 9/11, but more importantly have confused a lot of younger people (who might have looked to him as a source of inspiration)and these people probably just 'waking up' to ideas alternative to the mainstream. Yes, potentially some damage. Perhaps he need not have gone quite so public about this epiphany of his? Hence my gut feeling that there is a significant reason behind him doing so.

Not that I have been aware of the tedious little prick for that long anyway. I expect we could see him in his new role as a BBC television presenter some time. The job a quid pro quo for services rendered to the NWO.

TheWarlessWarrior said...

Posted my comment on the wrong post! Sorry Danny.
I couldn't agree more with what you say you feel.
I would like to share with you and others what I sent Mr Veitch when I learned of his treatment.
"Dear Mr Veitch,

You may have seen my comments on your latest video. I would like to address my humble thoughts and observations to you personally as I feel them important enough to warrant your attention.
I do not share the opinions voiced by the majority. I therefore can be viewed as the minority that Henry David Thoreau viewed as most valuable.
It is my belief that the following is accurate.
You are currently the butt of the very people whose following appears to have brought about your recent opportunity to go to america and encounter other human beings. For this I would be thankful. The fame bestowed upon you by these people appears to being growing further. I do not envy you this.
You may now have the opportunity to be released from the expectations and the burden your status once exerted.
You are loved Mr Veitch. You are loved with the same force that you tried so hard to demonstrate in your videos.
I would advise you pay no heed to the cattle who are mooing. Instead I would concentrate on being. Are you where you want to be doing that which moves your spirit? I am trying to enact a change similar to you through my blog and my book The Diary of The Warless Warrior. I can only say the path I have chosen works for me. I choose not to atagonise the bully, rather build a reality where the bully does not exist.
I hereby offer you my counsel and friendship. Whilst I would be honoured if you replied it is not a condition. Whatever you choose, I wish you all the peace and love you deserve.

All the best and namaste."

Namaste to you too Danny.

Endovelico said...

Hi Danny, my name is George and I met you the other day when I was with my four year old and you were at Oxford Circus with your megaphone. I asked to have my picture taken with you... hahahaha.

Just for the record I'd like people to know that you were not rude and did not refuse but told me you would rather not, fair enough. I liked your response to my question of 'how do you make a living' with'by breathing'.

I have been following you and Charlie for a couple of years or so, and I admire the way you get your point across without resorting to abusive or aggressive actions.

I would like you to know that I recently fell out with a friend who attacked your 'Everything is O.K' crusade because I felt so strongly about WHAT YOU STAND FOR but not who you are, I do not know you. When I saw you at Oxford Circus I was thrilled, not star struck, I just wanted to exchange ideas with you which we did a bit, but it was difficult with me looking up at you near the top of a lampost.

I have only ever taken my picture with Brian Haw R.I.P and asked Tracy Emin for an autograph (as well as a being cycle courier I studied and practice art). When I asked to have my picture taken with you, it was just my clumsy way of saying thank you, sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.

I was disappointed when I left and started to think that maybe what you do is not for the general welfare of people but more about you. After letting go I think that your message speaks for itself...and... Hell, I've been around long enough to know that you can not put anyone on a pedestal. Most importantly I also know that I can only find the truth out for myself and never imagine that I am the most enlightened, everybody finds the truth in the end.

Best G

danny shine said...

hi George

Thanks for your comments. I do indeed do what I do for myself. But I am slowly learning to accept that this is OK. Doing things for myself is natural and ok. I also know that it touches many people. said...

"A writer writes for themselves" - and often an editor too..." ;-)

Anonymous said...

I hope you will be gracious enough to allow me to play a role and ask you a few questions.
You say you do what you do for yourself. But most of what you do seems to be intended as a benefit for all humankind, if not all life itself. True, these doings may be nothing more than the vain attempts of an extremely well-intentioned jackass, but everything comes to fruition in time, no? And if it is true that you do what you do for your "self", and yet also for everyone and everything else, then might it be necessary to completely rework this conception of "self"(or ego) so that this seeming contradiction makes sense?

it seems to me, we spin our yarns(which become our Apparel), with our words, which we can wear as shields to go into the world with strength. but if our words are determined by what states of mind we're in, then our words come out with mixed intentions, and this metaphorical Apparel we make to wear seems to be of mixed fabric(wink) hey, i saw somewhere that one could rearrange the hebrew letters in that verse and come up with a different meaning. one that would fit in with this whole metaphorical imageset nicely, a sort of "white man speak with forked tongue" kinda thing. where it really gets interesting is what the two points of that fork represent. polarities? mirrored potentials? the nature of contradiction? wish i was there more closely, my friend.

Anonymous said...

tell the bard to keep looking, but to beware of putting it into words too early. The truth can only be believed if it can be told in such a way that it is understood, and its not the truth if everyone cant understand it. And people won't stand under a truth that judges them as less than what they think they are.

danny shine said...

i guess i can expand the idea fo self to include everyone. I do it for myself but also to touch others

AlexFate said...

'just a thought from my earlier comment - when people 'self edit', 'who' are they writing for then I wonder?

Anonymous said...


im working on the same thing the bard is, figuring out how to make sense of the rainbow and of the mind of issa, and what the words mean, plainly. if you show this to him and it makes sense, can you help us get in touch?
ill be checkin in

Anonymous said...

My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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Anonymous said...
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mark dyball said...

Hi Danny

i love what you do, people do not allow themselves the space to think and your interviews allow this space to open up. thank you for doing what you do.

your last sentence is the most telling for me personally

"When I notice myself attacking someone, if I have enough awareness to catch myself in the act, I notice almost always that I am 'being' what I despise. "

in the back of my mind for a long time is the thought that what one doesn't like about someone else is exactly the thing that you fear you are.


Anonymous said...

I'm all for hearing both sides of the story. The trouble is when it comes to 9/11 or 7/7, one side of the argument IS ALREADY made by the mainstream media.

The Mass Media have most people ACCEPTING and BELIEVING these official versions of the story well before they have heard the others side.

Thanks to there incredible widespread coverage AND 24/7 time running, A STRONG BELIEF SYSTEM is put in place.

Most people will argue with those who have other ideas and can usually back them up with evidence. The mass media consistently get caught lying and are exposed as flagrant biased liars on issues of 9/11 and 7/7.

Its human nature defend a belief especially when held in strong regard. Most people are ignorant and belligerent of the facts and will insult and attack anyone who repeats them.

Its no surprise that Charlie may be apprehensive and reluctant to discuss these events when people react like that.

My advice to anyone reading this is to let Charlie and others do there thing, the people listen and respond to that in kind.

If people want info on 9/11 or 7/7 etc go on the web there's plenty of Video's, Articles, Websites and Books that uncover the mysteries.

I've seen the Love Police videos, and I can see all they're trying to do is get people aware themselves. The system is controlling there lives and living it for them.

Regards Gary Jones

Peace Out

Anonymous said...

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Faheem Zia said...
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